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Brake Day 2011 - with a heavy topic

Press Release   •   Feb 17, 2011 12:34 GMT

Each year Rydahls attracts professionals from all over Sweden for a Brake Day at Karlstad. In February it was time for this year's edition. The topic was "Brakes for heavy vehicles".

Rydahls annual Brake Day has become a conference for decision makers in the industry. In February, participants traveled from across the country to Karlstad to make business connections, find inspiration and new ideas.

- Our idea is to make the day an information source and idea forum for companies that work with brakes and repairs for vehicles or industrial machinery. As a brake system supplier and brake specialist we possess a lot of knowledge that may be of benefit to participants, said Jan Uddh, project manager at Rydahls.

- It's a good arrangement. We meet other road carriers and workshops around the country and it is fun to listen to the questions that come up. Meanwhile, we get a lot of good news that we could use, says Lars Johansson, CEO of ÖGS Åkeri in Örebro.

Lecturers, news and networking
The Brake Day consists of a mix of interesting speakers, specialists, product news and opportunities to network with collegues in the industry. This year, participants learned what new opportunities and rights that are available for repairs in the aftermarket with the European Commission's new rules among others.
- We would like to spread the new rules to everyone. Even if the companies are aware that there will be new guidelines, it is not easy to know how to apply them. Then it can be safe to get expert guidance, said Jan Uddh.

Social activities important
But the Brake Day is not just about lectures, sessions and information.
- It is also important is to get contacts and get business connections. This year, we played icehockey. It was a very tight game and the winner is still unclear. It gave the oppertunity to some interesting discussions, said Jan, smiling.

For further information:
Jan Uddh, Project leader, Rydahls, +46 10-550 94 53

Rydahls is a familyrun business in the fourth generation from 1916 with solid knowledge of brake systems, friction solutions and controlled movement. The company supplies hydraulic brake systems, pneumatic brake systems, brakes and spare parts to repair workshops, manufacturers of heavy vehicles and the industry. The Headquarter is located in Karlstad and service warehouses in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Lulea. Rydahls turnover of 120 million SEK and has 60 employees, most of which is located in Karlstad.