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Brakes from Rydahls in a new type of wind turbine

Press Release   •   Feb 28, 2011 12:44 GMT

Rydahls are invloved in developing the future of wind power technology. That is, wind turbines that spin horizontally.

The latest in wind power technology is known as vertical wind. This means that the axes are vertical, but that the wings are spinning horizontally. Right now a test plant in Falkenberg is built, where the first of four wind turbines is up and running. Rydahls have developed the wind turbine's brake system.

- We have developed a unique brake system for wind turbines. While we're working with industrial brakes, spare parts for vehicles and objects is wind power a whole new area for us. This project has learned us a lot and broadened our expertise even further, says Erik Rydahl, president of Rydahls.

A 1.5 meter large brake disc
The vertical wind turbine is normally braked by the generator. But it also has a backup brake system which includes a 1.5 meter large brake disc.

- We have developed a solution that works even if half of the system is eliminated. If this happens, the brake torque will still be large enough to stop the wind turbine, says Erik Rydahl.

- You can tell that Rydahls has experience in developing tailormade brake systems. They have combined proven technologies and innovation and now we have a brake system which works just excellent, says Mats Wahlström at Vertical Wind in Falkenberg.

More and larger wind turbines to come
Now the work is continued by raising the remaining three wind turbines of the same size, 200 kilowatts. When sufficient test data has been received, it is time to build and test the technology in larger wind turbines in the megawatt size.
- It is most likely that the brake system will require a slightly different solution since it need to slow down at very high wind speeds. It will be the same type of components, but larger wind turbines means more chips, brake discs and so on, says Erik Rydahl.

For more information
Erik Rydahl, President of Rydahls, +46 10 - 550 94 01

Facts about the vertical wind
• The wind direction does not matter
• Simple construction
• No-maintenance transmission
• Quieter than traditional wind turbines
• Ability to peri-urban electricity

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