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BREAKING NEWS: High Court Grants Judgement for libel defamation on Facebook

Press release   •   Feb 06, 2014 10:35 GMT

London, UK, The High Court of England and Wales has entered a judgement in a libel defamation case involving slander posted on Facebook. In this landmark case, London law firm Pinder Reaux and Associates - http://www.pinderreaux.com established that making libellous comments on a social media platform, in this case Facebook, was enough to obtain a judgement from the High Court, in defamation.

Making defamatory comments, even to a private group of friends on Facebook, has been proven not to be a bar to a successful claim in defamation.  In this case, Ms Walder, represented by Pinder Reaux & Associates, found herself on the receiving end of some particularly malicious and nasty comments from her ex-friend, Ms Smith.  Comments made to a small online community spilled out in to the community at large and Ms Walder found her reputation and integrity being called in to question. 

Failing to acknowledge the proceedings and therefore failing to engage in the Court procedures has resulted in a judgement being entered against Ms Smith.  Clearly the High Court has assessed the serious substance of the material published online, and weighed it against the fact that these comments were made to a private group of friends, but still determined that the hurt and suffering faced by Ms Walder was significant and was attributable to this particular Facebook posting.

Solicitor representing Ms Walder, Rupinder Bains of Pinder Reaux and Associates commented, “Whilst this case has not been concluded as yet and damages remain to be assessed, what is clear, is that a claim in defamation can be successful even where the comments in question have been made to a private group of friends. This highlights again, the importance of thinking before posting any comments online.  The substance of what was said will carry a lot of weight as well”

This goes to show yet another example of why you should think first before posting any messages or information on social media forums.

For the full story view http://www.pinderreaux.com/news/high-court-grants-judgement-for-libel-defamation-in-facebook-slander


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