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Brighten up your Christmas dinner with red sprouts

Press Release   •   Nov 25, 2011 08:58 GMT

Whether you love or loath sprouts, no Christmas dinner is complete without a handful of the small cabbage – one of the most nutritious vegetables around.  This Christmas, Morrisons will be helping shoppers add an extra splash of colour to their festive plates with the introduction of red sprouts.     

Grown and cooked in exactly the same way as traditional green sprouts, the red ones have a stronger more intense flavour and will be harvested from mid November until January by Morrrisons’ farmers in Lincolnshire.

As with green sprouts, the red variety provide a rich source of vitamin c, fibre, iron, calcium and potassium but red ones have additional health benefits due to the higher levels of anthocyanins that they carry - the chemicals that are found in the skins of grapes which help us to justify drinking red wine.  

Wayne Pleasance, Morrisons’ sprout buying manager, comments: “We all know that sprouts are a traditional part of the Christmas dinner, but many people are a bit bored of them, or don’t actually like them, despite all their nutritional benefits.  Red sprouts are an ideal solution as they have a different flavour and also add an extra bit of colour to the Christmas meal.  At Morrisons we are always on the look out for exciting produce to delight our shoppers and are thrilled to be stocking them in our Market Street this Christmas.”

In addition, Morrisons will be stocking sprout tops this year which are the bushy green part at the top of the sprout stalk.  Tasting like a cross between a sweet cabbage and a green sprout, the leaves are an alternative to spring greens and have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years as people look to use the whole of the sprout plant.  

Red sprouts will go on sale at £1.99 per Stalk in selected stores from 14th November before being rolled out nation wide on 28th November 2011.  Sprout Tops are available now in selected stores at 50p a bunch.
Delicious sprout recipes such as crunchy parmesan sprouts or sprouts with balsamic glazed shallots can be found on Morrisons’ website at www.morrisons.co.uk .