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British Men Confirmed Most Lazy

Press Release   •   May 21, 2014 18:21 BST

When it comes to shaving British men are confirmed the laziest nation in Europe.

Latest research from The Shavedoctor Company which develops and creates professional shaving products and also have an international training school teaching hair and beauty professionals on how to use a cut throat razor carried out a comprehensive study on 9,650 men over a 2 year period from 2012 to 2014.

62% of British men will only shave around 2 times per week compared to that of 4 times per week by our European neighbours.

I have heard numerous reasons why a number of British men will shave only once maybe twice per week. "Some men who work in the construction industry will take the attitude of why should I shave more because I work in a dusty and dirty environment, so I only shave if I am going out". We receive the same feedback from men who work in other industries too like factory workers, farmers, mechanics and chefs, basically if they aren't presenting themselves infront of the general public it doesn't matter how they look".

Interestingly 74% of the men's wives or girlfriend's who took part in our research preferred their men to be clean shaved on a more regular basis and that they didn't like the feel of heavy stubble close on their skin. Some complained it felt too rough and irritated the skin when their partner got up close and personal. Lot's of men presume their partners prefer the stubble and don't think to ask them how they prefer them to look".

Employers are also to blame as some don't insist on their male employees arriving for work clean shaven with even white collar workers now being encouraged not to either. This would have never been allowed in the majority of corporate offices upto around 10 years or so ago, infact during the yuppie era of the 1980's you would pull up along side a car waiting at traffic lights in the city and watch with intrigue a man shaving himself using an electric shaver before arriving at his office!

Another reason why some men do not shave on a regular basis and I have to agree with them is due to how expensive shaving has become. Blades have become extremely expensive to replace and don't last half as long as they used to and with Gillette and Schick boasting 84% market share and the monopoly of the shaving market unfortunately they are slowly ruining it for the other leading shaving brands out there.

One other popular contributory factor is due to the lack of education as older boys are not taught how to shave by our father's anymore. If a young man experiences shaving rash early on and doesn't know how to avoid it or at least reduce the irritation then he is likely to give up wet shaving within the first 6 weeks of trying it preferring then to use an electric shaver or clippers....Shaving with an electric shaver or clippers now represents around 59% of young men aged between 18 to 26.

Alarmingly 46% of the 18 to 26 year old who found shaving difficulties said they would go back to wet shaving and on a regular basis if they could shave without irritation.

I also hear from employers in the leisure industry who inform me that when interviewing male applicants a good percentage of the British men are arriving not clean shaven and are not in appropriate dress code for the position of responsibility and to be infront of Joe public. This is the total opposite when interviewing applicants from other European countries.

Importance of education, employers bringing back office disciplines, clean shaven role models and retailers offering premium shelf space to shaving brands other than that of Gillette and Schick will eventually change the face of the British man.

The Shavedoctor's knowledge,area of expertise and credibility is now in demand from industry publications and he is a regular contributor to the likes of Men's Health Magazine, Loaded Magazine, The Salon Magazine & Modern Spa Magazine. Mark has also demonstrated his skills at seminar's, functions and events like 'The Clothes Show Live' and top Music Festival's, he has also appeared on Scotland's most watched TV programme 'The Hour Show' and on MTV's 'Beauty School Cop Out' as their grooming expert.