KC Caviar Ltd

British Sturgeon Caviar farm shifts the paradigm

Press Release   •   Jan 07, 2016 09:41 GMT

British Sturgeon caviar farm KC Caviar Ltd, shifts the paradigm of an old tradition by becoming Britain’s only “cruelty free” caviar farm producing "socially acceptable "caviar. This unique “No Kill” technique utilizes a patented process which allows female sturgeon to produce eggs pain free for 25-30 years.

KC Caviar Ltd recently moved in to new premises on the outskirts of Leeds which will house the UK’s first Sturgeon hatchery, 1 million litres of filtered spring water and a state-of-the-art caviar production unit. It will be home to around 500 4-5 foot female Sturgeon and producing the equivalent of 20,000 50gm tins of “socially acceptable” caviar.

KC are holding an open day next Wednesday 13th January where they are inviting people to look around the farm and watch a short presentation, as they are asking for additional investment to carry out works to obtain the HACCP accreditation and be fully operational this year.

The presentation and meeting point is:

Monk Fryston Hall Hotel, Monk Fryston, LS25 5DU from 2pm – 8pm

Tel: 01977682369 in the Rutland suite


Regardless of how you feel about caviar, this new program will –to some degree- impact on the senseless slaughtering of wild sturgeon to obtain caviar and the thousands slaughtered daily in the name of caviar. What’s more, it’s hoped that one day, that KC will be able to instigate a restocking program around our coastline, subject to the environment agency approval and it will contribute towards stable caviar prices into the next decade.

The caviar (eggs) produced by KC using North Yorkshire spring water are often larger and more uniform in shape than other farmed caviars and has an accentuated pop, which adds to the experience; with a shelf life more than double that of conventional caviar.

Chefs love another unique feature about caviar produced under this program: Unlike other farmed caviars, this caviar is extremely versatile and can withstand warm temperatures: for instance sprinkling of a few eggs over mashed potato or turkey breast will add flavour and excitement to the simplest of meals.


  • Based near Leeds KC Caviar Ltd was incorporated in 2012 and is a family run business in which Mark, Kacey and John share three generations of aquatic husbandry and sales experience. 
  • Mission is to be Britain’s premier sturgeon caviar farm. 
  • Operating a socially acceptable, No cruelty and No kill policy with regards to caviar harvesting from 500 sturgeon brood stock that will produce the UK’s only ethically and commercially viable quality caviar.