Burcas utilises Online Inventory Management by Xactio to generate efficiencies in the aerospace and defence supply chain

Press Release   •   Oct 18, 2012 20:11 BST

The need to accurately monitor real time supply chain performance cost effectively provided the driving force for Burcas to develop and implement the Xactio web portal from Canda Systems as part of a major supply chain development programme based on the Kanban push-pull principle.

 Burcas worked with Canda Systems in conjunction with TEC – Concepts, who specialise in supply chain consultancy and training in the aerospace sector, to develop the Xactio supply chain portal and was the first UK user of the system. Xactio is now used by a large number of other manufacturers and suppliers in the aerospace, defence, automotive and industrial supply chains. 

The Xactio web portal supports a wide range of supply chain activities but the initial focus for the Burcas development was in three main areas:

  • Tighter control over inventory and real time visibility of stock availability

Burcas  utilised the Xactio Inventory Module to enable customers of any organisation within the supply chain to have automated access to current information on costs, usage (current and historic) and  inventory levels.

“ One of our key customers has 30 users regularly accessing the system. Senior management  frequently say that they wish that all their suppliers had Xactio installed as they  have found no other way of seeing how much is on the shelf.” Tony Davies, Consultant Engineer,  Burcas

  • Integration of the Xactio web portal with the Burcas MRP system to give immediate access to accurate and current data on cost, usage and stock

The Xactio Portal has become a central platform within Burcas for customer and supplier communication.   The information held by the Portal is directly linked to the Burcas MRP system – Progress Plus via the Xactio Link module.    Customer and suppliers are able to access a broad range of information on stock level, costs and usage.

“Xactio is integrated with the Progress MRP system and this enables our customers to see their  stock and how it is moving plus their total spend. Everyone that we talk to is very positive about the system.”  Tony Davies, Consultant Engineer, Burcas

  • Improved quality of supply chain reporting

Burcas uses the quality reporting module of Xactio  - QCD&R (Quality, Cost, Delivery and Responsiveness) to identify how well each supplier is performing.  Results are produced graphically and also show a rolling average of performance over a six month period.  .

In addition to the benefits already generated within the Burcas supply chain, the increased visibility of supply chain information and the efficiencies generated have also enabled a ‘better customer and supplier experience’.  The increased visibility has also enabled some customers to reduce their stock holding by a six figure sum.

There are a number of additional modules within the Xactio portal  and Burcas will be implementing upgrades later this year. 

About Burcas Limited

Burcas is a privately owned group of companies that focus on manufacture and supply of precision tooling in high speed steels, tungsten carbide and ceramic tooling for the Manufacturing, Aerospace, Defence, Automotive and Paper and Printing industries.   The company specialise in supporting customer stock management and follow the KANBAN principle for stock management. Burcas has the Aerospace Quality Approval AS EN 9100 and has the SC21 Bronze award status.



About Canda Ltd

CANDA’s range of IT Services and Computer Solutions are designed to meet the needs of the medium to large SME. The IT Support and Services that CANDA provides supports information technology solutions that are scalable to the size and scope of our clients.

CANDA developed the web based Supply Chain Portal – XACTIO, to provide ‘real time’ data on the web, using information from across the Client supply chain.   This provides supplier statistics on supply performance, quality, cost, delivery and responsiveness using the SC21 metrics. Additional Xactio modules are also available to enable management of online quality concession submission, RFQ’s, Inventory  and Sales Orders.   This provides the ability for customers to view the status of inventory and outstanding orders in ‘real time’.