Council Tax Is Unlawful

Bury Council Lie About 45 Year Old Home Owner Losing House

Press release   •   Nov 23, 2016 23:23 GMT

Bury Council has not take possession of a 45 year old's home or has it ever successful taken possession of anyone's home within the borough for non-payment of council tax. An article published by Mr Peter Doherty of Bury Council falsely stated that "Bury Council has taken possession of a property within the borough for non-payment of council tax stretching back a decade".

I can confirm the likelihood of this being true is 0%, their is more chance of aliens in the universe than bury council ever successful getting a possession order for non-payment of council tax as the possession order would have to be processed by a county court and not by a magistrates court.

Bury Council does not hold any valid liability orders and as a result the land register can not issue a charge order on the property and if a charge order did exist they would have to apply to a court for a forced sale order.

Magistrate John Walmsley of Bury Magistrates' court said "We don't issue summonses for non-payment of council tax this is done by your council and any liability orders are fictitious and any problems with council tax need to be discussed with your council and not with the court."