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Business broadband Kent provider sneaks market from under nationals

Press Release   •   Nov 17, 2010 13:12 GMT

Kent, UK (mynewsdesk), 17 November 2010 – Kent based business broadband masters Jomble have hit every national business broadband provider where it hurts by devising and providing a completely different kind of service. It’s the best business broadband Kent – or anywhere else, for that matter – has ever seen, and it works like this: it does exactly what it says it is going to do, rather than promising one thing and delivering something completely other.

So what? One might ask. If it does just what it promises to do, it only has to promise much less and everyone will be happy that it isn’t lying. Right? Well, yes – but that’s not what Jomble set out to do and it’s not what it did. Jomble has performed a business broadband revolution by promising the earth – and delivering it. Stable broadband speeds at all hours of day and night; excellent upload and download speeds; huge quantities of online storage; a dedicated POP3 email server – basically, everything that every national business broadband provider has always claimed to do but never does.

How does this business broadband Kent provider work such magic? It’s quite simple, really. Unlike, say, BT, Jomble doesn’t have to run cable all over the country and it isn’t indebted to any private users – so it never, ever lets non business customers onto its bandwidth. That might not sound like a lot, but it’s the major reason why all national business broadband is so poor. When private traffic gets bad on the domestic broadband cabling, national providers simply send all their download-happy, streamed TV watching private customers out onto business branches – which is why no-one can do any real online work in the morning, in the evening or at weekends.

The best business broadband Kent has ever seen, then, is set up like this: Jomble is a standalone business broadband provider, running its own cable through its own county. It has restricted access to this cable to Jomble customers, and doesn’t ever have more than 20 users sharing the same part of its network. Compare that to BT, which often has as many as 50 users on one network strand.

Jomble’s other huge selling point is its monthly contract – clearly put in place because the company knows that companies using its business broadband Kent are never going to leave, once they have tasted all that sweet freedom and speed. When you sign up for a contract with Jomble, it is good for 30 days – and rolls over continuously. So at any point, if you decide to leave, you only need to give Jomble 30 days notice and you’re off. Compare that to the contracts demanded by the nationals and it’s easy to see why Jomble is the best business broadband provider in the country.

Honesty, efficiency, easy contracts and a single price? Who can beat that? No-one, is who, and Jomble knows it. That’s why the little company from Kent is also the best business broadband provider Kent has ever seen, or will ever see. Long may it reign.

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