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Business Professionals should take these lessons from sporting icons argues Roar Ambition

Press release   •   Jul 24, 2018 11:14 BST

In the light of a summer filled with highly publicised sporting competitions, Roar Ambition has taken the opportunity to inspire their contractors, delving into lessons that can be learned from elite sporting icons and how these can draw parallels with entrepreneurship.

Roar Ambition: Meet the CEO

In their latest statement on the world of business and sports, the marketing specialists have pinpointed areas in which business professionals and sporting individuals face similar obstacles and how the latter deals with such problems with a productive mindset.

A recent report by Graham Jones, the co-founder of a performance development consultancy that specialises in creating high-performance environments references the primary link between elite athletes and successful executives. Jones states, “The real key to sustained excellence for both elite sports and business leaders is not the ability to swim fast or do quantitative analyses quickly in their heads; rather, it is the development of mental toughness.”

Jones continues, “at a time when survival is a key priority in so many organisations, don't forget to spend time celebrating successes, however small they may be.”

This aspect is one that Roar Ambition actively encourages within the business, often conducting seminars and workshops on how to face problems and obstacles with a strong mentality, meeting negatives with positive attributes. The firm also celebrates achievements throughout the business, often encouraging company-wide recognition and acknowledgement.

Roar Ambition has drawn further parallels between the two disciplines, ranging from achieving goals and targets, determination, failures, intense competition and performance abilities amongst a multitude of further similarities. It is due to these aspects that Roar Ambition are encouraging SMEs to discuss this link in further detail to aspiring entrepreneurs.

“Here at Roar Ambition we believe that a lot of lessons can be learned from the world of competitive sports, and we’re urging young professionals to look to this as inspiration in solving the challenges and obstacles of entrepreneurship,” states a spokesperson for Roar Ambition.

Roar Ambition are the Liverpool-based direct sales and marketing agency focused on inspiring individuals from various backgrounds into the retail sector, recognising that a diverse business is crucial to its longevity and ultimate success. Roar Ambition connects with consumers on a daily basis, working closely with clients to understand their needs and their goals.



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As a direct sales and marketing agency based in Liverpool, Roar Ambition connects with consumers on a daily basis. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and their goals and together, with our ambitious cubs, we create personalised campaigns which reflect these needs and make them a reality.