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Business through a lense – how to improve what you do by changing your vision

Press Release   •   Aug 02, 2012 13:24 BST

Books that help senior managers and entrepreneurs run their businesses more effectively come out with alarming regularity – but now one leading inspirational speaker hopes to break through with an effective toolkit that delivers what it promises.

Written by business coach Noam Kostucki, Compendium is offering an innovative way for managers to look afresh at their business as well as offering radically fresh thinking on potential solutions.

Noam says: “Two of the most successful business books ever written are from the 1980s: ‘The Six Thinking Hats’ and ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ that both gave the reader tools to be more effective in business and in strategic thinking.

“Both were successful, highly read books but the world has changed a lot since then and you need equip yourself with a new set of tools before your competition does.

“And that is why I have written Compendium which is a compilation of tools called ‘Social, Organisational and Psychological (SOP) Technologies’.

“Essentially, these are things that every business person or entrepreneur needs to know if they want to make, or continue to make, their business successful.”

Noam explains that he has distilled the applications of scientific knowledge from social sciences, behavioural economics, organisational management, biology and psychology to produce Compendium. The result is a powerful tool which helps the reader gain a greater insight into how a company looks from different vantage points.

He refers to the way of looking at a business as a ‘lense’ and these lenses have been inspired by SOP technologies used by highly successful companies like Apple, Squidoo and General Electric.

Noam, 26, is the co-founder of three social enterprises, author of “You are Your Brand!” and runner up UK Business Speaker of the Year 2011.

He challenges organisations to redefine the way they think, behave and communicate. He gives training, coaching, keynote speeches and runs consultancy projects for businesses, charities and social enterprises.

Noam says: “Compendium is also an interactive book which includes a ‘medical’ questionnaire to test the lenses you are currently wearing because you want to know how the way you look at your business influences your decisions.

“The book also uses QR codes to take the reader to various video presentations on the internet, making it easy to share the information you wish to convey to fellow business partners and staff.”

Compendium is also picking up a wide range of fans who speak highly of its contents.

One such fan is Elizabeth Coffey from Spark Leadership, a company that provides bespoke leadership coaching to FTSE 250 CEOs and board directors, who says: “As a seasoned leadership coach, excellent questions are my stock in trade, and I can spot one a mile off. Noam's book is jam-packed with provocative questions for business leaders. They turn your assumptions upside down and force reflection on key leadership issues from new angles that can reinvigorate your business.

“Noam's workbook is fresh and easy to use; it plunges you straight into the seminal issues of your organisation, prompting you to business-critical insights which lead to grounded action. This is an essential tool for leadership coaches and consultants who need to keep up with Generation Y perspectives on our field.”

Another impressed reader is Duncan Boltt, sales director at PT Gear, a company that provides personal training equipment and advice, who said: “Noam's book Compendium is perfect for me, I am constantly trying to map the habits of successful people and also finding new people to map. Compendium has sourced and studied some inspirational people and given me some new tools and techniques to think like them."

Noam says: “If you run a business, have you ever discovered problems you hadn't seen before? If so, and if you'd known about the problems would you have solved them earlier?

“Compendium helps pinpoint problems before they become problems and offers a range of solutions that have been tried and tested to bring about incredible results.”


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