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Businesses rushing to buy grit bins & salt spreaders for the winter

Press Release   •   Oct 08, 2010 10:30 BST

The cold weather hasn’t arrived yet but ESE Direct have already seen a surge in businesses buying grit bins, salt spreaders and rock salt ready for the winter. The demand is likely to be a reaction to the cold weather of the 2009 winter. When the cold weather came last year there many businesses that were not prepared and had to order their salt spreaders and rock salt at the last minute. This led to supply being greater than demand and many disappointed customers who could not get their equipment in time.

It’s not just businesses that are buying these products. There have been many reports in the press that local councils are stocking up on road salt and purchasing and installing extra grit bins.  Much of this is driven by public demand for extra grit bins. The councils also face the difficulty of ensuring all grit bins are kept filled up during the winter weather when they are in constant use. Something that was much criticised last year with many grit bins being left empty. Councils are also providing extra grit bins to encourage the public to grit minor roads themselves and reduce the amount miles their grit spreading vehicles have to do. Providing grit bins for the public to help themselves grit the roads is seen as a more cost effective method of gritting the roads, a sign of the times in 2010 with public spending cuts.

Whilst we are not sure that this winter will be as severe as the last one many organisations remember the problems they had last winter and are taking the better safe than sorry approach. If you too want to be prepared then ESE Direct are able to provide a large range of winter maintenance equipment including:

Grit bins from just £78.21 for a 100 litre version with larger 400 litre bins also available.

Salt spreaders from only £140.32 for a hand push manual spreader and £956.74 for a towable spreader.

We also supply Rock salt from £11.12 per 25kg bag for use in grit bins and salt spreaders.

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