Businesses Start To Recycle Old Mobile Phones

Press Release   •   Sep 02, 2010 00:40 BST

It is estimated that more than 3 million company and company-paid phones are upgraded or given to employees every year. With this excess of old mobile phone handsets sitting around, companies are finding incentives to get employees to turn in their unused mobiles, such as setting up phone recycling drives in their lobbies or working directly with online recyclers and comparative sites, like Compare and Recycle, to make recycling easier.

Not only are corporations doing the responsible thing by properly recycling old mobile phones, but they’re also setting a good example for employees and building an environmentally conscious reputation, which is crucial in the business world today. Many customers, advertisers, partners and sponsors these days, prefer to work with “green” companies, ensuring that any practices they’re tied to remain environmentally sound and in turn maintaining their own reputation.

To find a mobile phone recycler (or for that matter any other electronic product, such as laptops and digital cameras) that’s reliable and eco-friendly, sites like Compare and Recycle lay out a chart of over two dozen companies that will recycle hundreds of mobile models. On the site, customers can locate information about each of the UK based recyclers, along with customer reviews and details on pricing and shipping methods.

Popular models among business professionals, like the Blackberry 1800 can earn up to £90 in return. Recently, Compare and Recycle have even set up a Facebook page where customers can get quotes for their used mobile phones within seconds and sell them on the spot.

To find out more about recycling professional or personal-use mobile phones, along with laptops, digital cameras, sat nav systems and more, visit


Compare and Recycle is a recycling comparison site in the UK that compares the widest range of major recyclers and prices.

We provide a place where you can compare how the recyclers perform and give you as much information as we can on how they stack up against the competition.  By evaluating and displaying the prices offered, payment methods, payment periods, exchangeable voucher values and any other information, the objective is to help you choose what is right for you.