California based MABEC Group is first franchisee partner to BIMobject in the United States.

Press release   •   Mar 27, 2012 13:30 BST

BIMobject AB and MABEC Group Inc. today signed a franchise partner agreement concerning a business partnership focusing on creating and distributing BIM objects for building product manufactures.

MABEC group is lead by BIM expert Ryan Ghere who has a past career with companies like Reed Construction Data, MBS and TECbuild Australia. MABEC Group is based in Costa Mesa, California, and will work all over the US with building and interior product manufacturers to create BIM objects for distribution on the BIMobject web portal. 

MABEC Group is a BIM focused company that has developed the means and methods to maintain a continuous data connection during the design, construct and own process. MABEC Group does this by adding intelligence and information to the parts and pieces of the building, a window for example. By adding intelligence the product can be counted, specified and used in various reports. Starting by creating intelligent objects and by adding information value, a “ribbon of data” is maintained from the start of design all the way thru to building management and maintenance. The MABEC Group maintains and develops BIM objects for building product manufactures and provides consulting services to contractors and building owners.

All the partners at the MABEC Group have more than 15 years of experience within computer aided design in the AEC area and a deep knowledge of BIM systems. Together with BIMobject they will be producing, distributing and maintaining BIM objects and Professional Resource data for building product manufacturers. BIMobject provides unprecedented search and access capabilities of rich BIM content and the visual interface adds for better product understanding, increased awareness.

Simple 2D CAD line work has long been available, but now, Intelligent 3D BIM models are rapidly replacing CAD. BIM users are more advanced in their work and collaboration and content is key. It is now time to partner with manufactures and support them in developing branded BIM objects with relevant data” Says Ryan Ghere, president and CEO of MABEC Group - BIMobject Costa Mesa.

The MABEC Group will be a great asset for the whole group and our first and most important step into the US market. Ryan and his team will be a an important part of the future of our integration in many new technologies and platforms as well as a high level sales organization to the US manufacturers. Welcome to the BIMobject world!” says Stefan Larsson, CEO of BIMobject.

BIMobject AB mission is to assist our customers, product manufacturers in the AEC field to be visible and get selected by creating high quality easy accessible objects for the BIM process.

This way generating more business to our customers in a way that can be measured.

We provide software tools, web solutions and services to assist our customers in the creation, conversion and publishing of BIM objects on the web and create a straight path to the users of any BIM software.