Canon Introduces uniFLOW v. 5.0 Print Management Software

Press Release   •   Oct 04, 2010 10:29 BST

Canon's uniFLOW v. 5.0 Print Management Software has just been released in the UK. The previous version of this print management software (often categorized as 'Document Management software') has been enormously successful right across the industry and it is hoped this latest, improved edition will prove even more popular. uniFLOW v. 5.0 print management software features a variety of new capabilities and functions that effectively streamline print management and simplify workflow processes allowing end-users and system administrators to focus on other priority tasks.

Introduction to uniFLOW v. 5.0 Print Management Software

UniFLOW V 5.0 print management software has been designed to meet the requirements of enterprises both large and small which need an advanced output management package with the right level of flexibility built-in. uniFLOW v 5.0 print management software provides its fleet administrators with all the tools to manage their document costs that are incurred through printing, faxing, copying and scanning as well as impressive print management controls that streamline IT functions and are easily extendable even for global deployments. As Sam Yoshida from Canon has commented, “uniFLOW v 5.0 is a tremendous leap forward in the evolution of print management solutions for businesses ranging from small offices to global enterprises….. uniFLOW v 5.0 Print Management Software gives end-users greater control of workflows allowing administrators to maximise output efficiency across their networks.”

The uniFLOW v 5.0 Print Management Software Package

UniFLOW v 5.0 provides a range of features which have been developed to facilitate cost-effective management of multifunction printer fleets and improve printer productivity and security.  These include:

Workflow Elements

Decision-based workflow which allows several workflows to be implemented, through an easy-to-use workflow editing tool according to pre-determined conditions, enabling seemless and flexible setup for IT administrators.

ImageRUNNER 2500 Support

This is made possible through the direct integration of uniFLOW print management capabilities into the device firmware, providing popular uniFLOW functionality such as card authentication, secure printing and full cost centre.

Third Party Device Support

UniFLOW v 5.0 print management software dramatically extends third part device support with secure print support for popular non-Canon devices, ensuring complete print management control.

SQL Connector for Data Import or Export

This is a new talk-based application allowing for greater customisation of back-end functions, including the importation of cost-centre and other important data directly into customer accounting and management systems.

Global Workflows

This is an advanced function for network administrators to enable the rapid administration of larger fleet deployments. Customised workflows can also be pushed to an organisations entire fleet.

Universal Driver Enhancements

uniFLOW’s powerful Universal Driver has been enhanced to support Booklet Printing Mode. Universal Driver also ensures consistent output, as it can send the document only when the user actually releases the job at the printer.

Advanced Scanning Workflow

This is a dynamic scanning solution which offers Optical Character Recognition (OCR), document conversion and integrates natively with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, several other Document Management Solutions (DMS) as well as various other applications.

Enhanced Document Security

This latest uniFLOW v 5.0 print management software integrates with imageWARE Secure Audit Manager to ensure unprecedented security levels within an organisation. imageWARE Secure Audit Manager and uniFLOW v 5.0 print management solution can be used in tandem to deter and prevent unauthorised scanning and/or duplication of both hard copy and digital documents and to quickly identify unauthorised disclosure of confidential information. The security system works by responding to configurations of certain keywords in a document. When a word, or a combination of words appear that a particular user does not have authorization to see/use, the print management software's secuirty system will terminate the job and send an email to a given security administrator. The uniFLOW makers suggest that using combinations of keywords rather than individual keywords, ensures that only your real threats are treated as such. The print management software also retains a record of all activities which can be reviewed to help deter potential security breaches.

Other Improvements

The uniFLOW 5 Print Management Software's new workflow engine also allows users to connect to any back-end system. Staff memebers can log into any Canon device to authorise printing, scanning, faxing and email to other multiple locations from that printer.

Employees can also chnage the colour, text, dpi options and job build, using the interface on their printer and as the uniFLOW Print Mnagement Software can be integrated with Canon's Helix Production Workflow web-to-print and production solution to merge both office and corporate reprographics departments.

Canon uniFLOW v. 5.0 Print Management Software will be available later in 2010 or early 2011 through authorised Canon dealerships. It is generally sold among other document management software solutions.