Caravanners warned: Don’t pitch up then leave your ‘van unattended overnight

Press Release   •   Aug 24, 2017 14:39 BST

With the Summer holidays in full swing, a caravan insurance specialist is warning caravanners to be aware of the “not in use” clause that is on the majority of touring caravan insurance policies.

Richard Burgess, Director at , says that most tourer owners are unaware of this clause, which, in some cases, could see an insurance claim rejected if the caravan was “abandoned” at the time of the claim.

Mr. Burgess explains: “If you take your tourer on holiday and then leave it where it is pitched and unattended for a few days or more - for example, due to violent illness meaning you go in to hospital or when simply pitching up then going off somewhere else - you could find in the event of a claim that you are not covered.

“This is because your insurance premiums are calculated on the caravan being stored at a storage site / at home or being lived in while pitched up somewhere. Touring caravan sites are less secure and more easily accessed - so are at more risk of being stolen, damaged or broken in to.

“If you abandon your caravan at a pitch even for a few days, it is important to speak to your insurer and let them know. At least that way they are aware of the circumstances and can advise if there is an additional premium to pay that would give you peace of mind that you are actually covered.

"In this way, if your holiday or break is cut short due to an unforeseen or unplanned circumstance that requires you to leave your caravan at a pitch, at least you will know if your tourer is covered or not. And it could be just as simple as giving your insurer a call."


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