Cardiff Sports Nutrition Relaunches BSN No Xplode Bodybuilding Supplement

Press Release   •   Sep 01, 2010 05:49 BST

Cardiff Sports Nutrition, a UK based company, announced today that they were relaunching BSN’s No Xplode bodybuilding supplement on their brand new website. No Xplode was voted as the “Pre-Workout Supplement of The Year 2009” by and will be available for sale effective immediately.

According to Cardiff Sports Nutrition, BSN’s No Xplode is a welcome addition to their store and will round out their extensive selection of premium nitric oxide supplements for amateur and professional bodybuilders or weekend warriors. “We already offer the best bodybuilding supplements on the market,” said a company spokesman. “But one thing our customers kept asking for was No Xplode, which is the most powerful and most effective nitric oxide supplements out there. Well, we listened and today we’re happy to announce that No Xplode will be available to all of our UK customers at an unbeatable price.”

“In the world of sports nutrition, nitric oxide supplements like No Xplode are really something special,” said the spokesman. “Before supplements like No Xplode came along, bodybuilders had to rely primarily on a very specific nutritional regime to achieve the legendary ‘pump’ during and after their workouts. Sticking to such a rigid diet was extremely difficult, and the results were often inconsistent at best. That’s where No Xplode comes in.”

According to the spokesman, “BSN No Xplode is a nitric oxide supplement, which means that it helps to supercharge the body’s own natural nitric oxide production. This has four key benefits for the bodybuilder. The first is that it allows them to achieve that elusive ‘pump’ in the gym on a consistent basis. Without nitric oxide supplements, even when bodybuilders managed to achieve that vein popping, engorged look, it would always fade within hours. With No Xplode, however, the body continues to produce nitric oxide throughout the day, which means the bodybuilder’s muscles continue to look rock hard all day long. It’s really incredible.”

No Xplode isn’t just for show though,” said the spokesman. “NO supplements also increase the blood flow to the muscles, which means that more oxygen is delivered during workouts, right when the muscles need it the most. This helps bodybuilders because it means that they will be able to work out more intensely, resulting in rapid gains in muscle mass, strength and endurance. The increased blood flow also means that more vital nutrients are delivered to the muscle tissue, which reduces muscle recovery time and allows the bodybuilder to train more often.”

“No Xplode and other nitric oxide supplements also have another important benefit for guys,” said the spokesman. “The increase in blood flow is system wide, so users of No Xplode often report a significant increase in libido and sexual energy, especially our customers who are in their 30s and 40s, which is when the body’s natural nitric oxide production begins to slow down.”

The spokesman went on to say, “As you can tell, we’re very excited to have No Xplode in our store, and we encourage everyone to visit our brand new website to learn more about this exciting new product, which has really put BSN on the map in the sports nutrition world. It’s a great product and anyone that weight trains regularly will benefit from adding it to their supplement stack.

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