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Press release   •   May 14, 2012 10:30 BST

Innovative skills-matching platform signs-up 217 professionals to give their skills to good causes - in just 4 weeks.

Big Society Capital: why charities and social enterprises must pay


A study by the Boston Consulting Group and the Young Foundation, a think-tank, found that the social-investment market was worth just £165m in 2010-11. There is a risk that BSC will have so much cash (perhaps £100m in its first year) and so few decent places to invest that money will be wasted. That would be hugely damaging. There is a big idea here—one that, by muddying commercial incentives and social objectives, is unsettling and appealing to left and right in equal measure. The best way for BSC to prove the worth of social investment will be to make money on its own deals.



Give What You’re Good At is an online technology platform matching professionals who want to give their skills with charities and social enterprises that need them. The service charges charities and social enterprises a fee to find professionals to complete tasks normally outsourced. The fee saves organisations at least ten times the cost of outsourcing. The fee ensures the charities value the time given; and makes for a more meaningful volunteer experience.


Minister for Civil society Nick Hurd met with Give What You’re Good At founder 25 year-old Ami Bloomer this month and praised the innovative and accessible proposition, noting the clear appeal to influential corporate businesses. “[Give What You’re Good At] could be huge… I think they’re onto something. Research published by Zurich shows relevant pro bono [work] enhances employee well-being and productivity,” he said. The organisation has attracted the interest of high profile corporate partners such as Virgin Unite, who are keen to give their employees a well managed way of making an impact with their skills.


The skills already available on Give What You’re Good At’s include marketing, design, social media, accountancy, IT and business strategy.


Ami Bloomer explains, “We use a highly structured approach to make sure there is a perfect match between the professional’s skill and the charity’s needs. Our project library allows charities to easily identify and select projects that address their needs. Each project template has a description of the project, the deliverable, step-by-step project components, average time required, nonprofit requirements, volunteer requirements and the average cost of the project if the nonprofit had to pay for it. Individual volunteers are assured of satisfaction through the quality matching process – we even reward volunteers who complete projects, and report of the impact of their work.”


Projects are structured to fit with the lives of working professionals and typically demand up to five hours a week over one to three months.


Non-profit organisations already signed up with Give What You’re Good At include The Blue Cross, Sparks, MS Research, The Social Mobility Foundation and Sky Badger to The Rescue. Naomi Marek, Operations Manager from Sky Badger to the Rescue, a new charity serving disabled children and their families says, “It’s going to save us a fortune!”


Professionals already working on matched projects are equally delighted with the ability to connect easily with causes they care about. Graphic designer Gary Jones has worked with special educational needs charity IPSEA to redesign promotional leaflets and posters. “Working in a fast and corporate environment can often become monotonous and ordinary. Volunteering through Give What You’re Good At gave me the opportunity to use my skills for good and make a big impact with my limited time.”


The first 50 volunteers and charities to complete projects will be invited to celebrate at the organisations launch party in London this September.


Register with Give What You’re Good At at .




For further information, please contact Ami Bloomer on [ or 01234 245 539.



Notes to editors:


How Give What You’re Good At works:


Give What You’re Good At is an online matching site for volunteers. Volunteers provide information about their experience, skills and interests, and in return, the GWYGA  team sends the volunteer a matching list of project options.


Non-profit members subscribe to Give What You’re Good At with a one off membership fee of £250 (discounted until 23rd March 2012). One project match is included in the membership fee, then for each subsequent project, the member pays on a sliding scale, but never more than £250 per match. Projects typically save non-profit organisations between £2,500 and £15,000 so the fee is equivalent to a tenth or much less of the cost of outsourcing the task. The fee covers the dedicated recruitment costs, access to all the projects, an account manager to access your organizational needs, invitations to networking events, among other benefits and ensures that both the volunteer and the organisation using their services treat the project as a professional commitment.


Available for interview and comment:


Ami Bloomer, founder and managing director of Give What You’re Good At

Jonathan Fairey, Technical Director of The Community Film Unit (currently saving time, money and overheads by using a Give What You’re Good At volunteer to review business plan)

Naomi Marek, Operations Director of Sky Badger to the Rescue

About the meeting with the Minister for Civil Society:

Ami Bloomer met Nick Hurd, The Minister for Civil Society on Monday 12th March. The Minister is supporting GWYGA will introductions to influential nonprofit leaders. Give What You’re Good At has been invited to feature on a special civil service volunteering portal accessible by 0.5 million civil servants.

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Gary Jones


We match professionals who want to give their skills with charities and social enterprises that need their help.
We're in the business of making a difference. Our mission is to make the world’s passions available and useful to everyone.

Charitable organisations are working with fewer resources than ever. We ask charities and social enterprises about the challenges they face. We package these needs into discrete projects to be undertaken by a professional volunteer. All our projects build capacity, so that a charity can focus on doing what it's good at.
Our projects are designed to provide valuable professional services to organizations and offer professionals realistic, well-defined opportunities to volunteer their expertise. Browse our project library to see how it works. If you don’t find a project that enables you to give your skills; or grow your organisation, click the feedback tab.

We'll only ever connect you to a cause you care about. Create an account, tell us about your skills and interests - we deliver your matches to your inbox.
You'll make a big impact with your limited time. You'll build your professional experience, make new contacts and harness skills; all whilst serving a cause you care about. When you complete a project we reward you with exclusives, like sold-out gig tickets and a Linkedin recommendation.

We want all charitable organisations to have access to the resource and skills they need to grow. We want a society where skilled people are able to make a big impact when giving their time.

We incentivise measured actions over good intention.

We only ever match charitable organisations to volunteers who have a passion for their cause. We believe this significantly enhances the end product; and makes for a more meaningful experience for both volunteer and organisation.

We charge charitable organisations a small membership fee. This model of fee for service is critical to our social mission - we need organisations to be serious before taking on one of our busy professionals.
The fee covers access to all our capacity building projects, a dedicated contact that helps assess the organisations barriers to growth, invitations to events and educational materials. Our fee is a mere fraction (always less than 5%) of what you would pay for professional services on the market. We provide unbeatable value. Read our testimonials to learn how our service is helping charities and social enterprises flourish.