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CEO at R.U.N? Global; “Direct marketing is the most effective form of marketing”

Press Release   •   Apr 03, 2018 14:14 BST

R.U.N? Global is a growing direct sales and marketing firm based in Florida. The rookie marketers believe that direct marketing is the most effective tool for customer engagement and brand loyalty and they are urging firms to invest a percentage of their marketing budget to direct marketing campaigns.

R.U.N? Global: About the firm.

In the digital age where companies have a plethora of platforms to reach consumers, R.U.N? Global believes that marketing strategies can become lost in the crowd, as personalization is jeopardized through mass targeting campaigns. The primary objective of a marketing campaign is to create exposure for a brand while making the consumer feel like it was designed specifically for them.

Direct marketing involves selling products or services directly to the public. It can take various forms including mail order, telephone selling, or in-person promotions. Indirect marketing typically consists of the use of the Internet, billboards, commercials, advertisements, and more to reach consumers without direct communication.

1/ Quantifiable results

The most significant advantage to direct marketing campaigns is that results are trackable and companies can get real-time updates and see firsthand the return on their investment (ROI). For most small businesses, quantifiable results are a considerable advantage of direct marketing. R.U.N? Global are so confident in their ability to get results that they offer their client’s a no win, no fee marketing solution that guarantees ROI.

2/ Low Costs

Direct Marketing strategies especially face to face promotions that R.U.N? Global offer carry low overheads in comparison to indirect marketing strategies. R.U.N? Global offer client’s a zero risk option to create exposure, develop brand loyalists and increase customer base. The firm has an elite team of brand ambassadors who represent clients with complete confidence, professionalism, and transparency.

3/ Good for testing new markets/products

R.U.N? Global are incredibly fortunate to operate a business model where they are not restricted to one single location. They can take their business on the road and test new markets and products for their client’s.

4/ Brand Loyalty

While indirect marketing campaigns can reach a mass market, they lack the personal touch. Direct marketing methods allow brands to interact with customers, which instills consumer confidence and builds brand loyalty. “At the end of the day, people buy from people, and we utilize the human element to deliver marketing solutions with a personal touch that generate quality results and builds brand loyalty.” Commented Ibram Gaston, CEO at R.U.N? Global.

At R.U.N? Global their mission is to empower their clients with integrated marketing strategies to increase customer acquisition and retention while allowing clients to maximize their brand awareness. CEO Ibram Gaston believes that particularly in today’s digital age where marketing strategies are becoming more impersonalized, brands need to dedicate a percentage of their marketing budget to in-person promotions.




Ibram Gaston: CEO

At R.U.N? Global, our unwavering passion for direct marketing is what sets us apart from our peers. We believe in storytelling; providing unique, memorable customer experiences worth sharing with family and friends.