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CEO of Emora Limited reveals the Key Aspects to Consider when Coaching Others

Press release   •   Mar 29, 2018 14:14 BST

As a passionate business coach and mentor, Lauren Harrison has extensive experience coaching, and mentoring aspiring professionals and the entrepreneur has revealed the fundamental aspects to consider coaching others successfully.

Emora Limited understand the vital roles that leaders and coaches play in the success of others, particularly in an industry such as sales and marketing where professionals are considered entrepreneurs. Ms. Harrison is eager to ensure a company culture at the firm is based on continued development of their contractors, through the continued mentorship of those in leadership positions.

Emora Limited: About the firm.

Emora Limited has therefore listed vital aspects of knowledge that they offer those beginning their entrepreneurial journeys as advice for the experience ahead.

Learning from failure is essential states Emora, everything will not run smoothly when beginning out as an entrepreneur, this is to be expected. These failures must be looked to as an opportunity, understanding that knowledge comes with failure in order to shape and develop future endeavours.

Recognise areas to save time and energy is a crucial aspect of entrepreneurship states Emora, sometimes it is essential to recognise when to end a project that is not working. It is sometimes better to begin again rather than continuing with failure hoping to remedy a situation that is a lost cause.

Innovation solidifies a company’s presence in the industry explores Emora. New ideas and campaigns will accelerate a company and individual’s success, the most effective of which are continually being developed and modified to remain at the forefront of the industry.

Emora Limited continually teaches their contractors how to coach and train others, understanding that mentorship is the most effective form of development. The firm is eager to continue the development of their contractors, ensuring they are creating the future leaders and business owners of the industry.

On the subject of mentorship, Managing Director Lauren Harrison had to say, “At Emora, mentorship remains at the forefront of our mission. We understand that the success of our company first and foremost lays with the development and support of our contractors.”



Managing Director: Lauren Harrison

Emora are direct marketing specialists who offer personalised marketing campaigns on behalf of their clients’ brands. Emora offer unique marketing methods whereby they are able to connect with consumers via face-to-face communications. By connecting with consumers one-on-one they are able to forge long-lasting and personal bonds between brand and consumer.