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Cheapest Speaker For The iPhone 4

Press Release   •   Jul 06, 2012 13:13 BST

There is nothing better than finding the best and cheapest alternative ways to everything. It may not be as good as branded or expensive products out there, but what matters the most is that it can function well and that it is good enough. There is also nothing better than finding an alternative way that is also eco-friendly. This is what the iPhone 4 paper speaker booster is all about.

Yes, you may not be able to compare its sound quality with expensive and famous speaker docs out there or pricey headphones out there, but neither of those items are eco-friendly. Let alone be cheap as a $4 foldable paper cone that you can easily slip over the end of the iPhone 4.

The foldable paper cone for the iPhone 4 is made in Los Angeles California out of “FSC Certified 100% Post Consumer Paper”, this eco-amp requires nothing but rudimentary origami skills for you to assemble it. Once it is built, its clever design will allow you to fold it down whenever you are not using it or you are travelling. However, you have to keep it away from water (rain), fire, or things that can destroy it. Yes, we know that there is no chance that you will allow your iPhone 4 near any of those elements.

The actual cost of this is only $4 per piece (you can also get it by 2’s at $8). Again, this may be considered as expensive for a die-cut piece of cardboard only. There may be a lot of people with raised brows but you have to think about it as being the cheapest way to boost the iPhone 4’s speaker. This is also an eco-friendly way to boost your phone’s speaker.

So is this foldable paper cone amp for you? Let us know your thoughts please.

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