Choosing the right material to protect your skin in the Sun.

Press Release   •   Jul 09, 2013 11:45 BST


Traditional Summer Materials such as cream cotton are not as effective in keeping the sun from our skin as knitted polyester and lycra according to a study from the Department of Health.[i]

The four most common places to get sunburn are[iii]:

1.  Face (40%)

2.  Arms (39%)

3.  Shoulders (37%)

4.  Neck (36%)

Which Fabrics protect you from the sun?

Research by the Department of Health has shown the CPF category of clothing can vary greatly. It may come as a surprise to many that darker polyester material protects better than more traditional materials such as white cotton:[ii]

Fabric Colour Minimum CPF CPF category
woven 100% cotton cream 7 < 10
woven 100% cotton bright pink 73 ? 30
woven 100% cotton turquoise 100 ? 30
knitted 100% cotton off-white 9 < 10
knitted 100% cotton white 57 ? 30
knitted polyester/lycra yellow 96 ? 30
knitted polyester/lycra orange 136 ? 30
knitted polyester/lycra blue 169 ? 30
knitted polyester/lycra navy blue 178 ? 30 CEO Katrina Davies commented – “We get lots of requests from customers saying that they have sunburn on their shoulders and neck and asking for the best scarf to protect these areas.”

Katrina added “We don’t know the SPF ratings of all our scarves and even using the table above is not an exact science”

Cancer Research UK suggest the following: “The more skin that is covered by your clothing, the better the protection. Look for materials with a close weave, as they will block out the most UV rays. Holding the material up to the light is a good way to see how much light and UV rays will get through.”[iv]

Katrina continued “We love the fact that using our scarves helps keep the sun off these vulnerable areas but we would also suggest that people use sun screen on these areas too. You can’t do enough to protect your skin from burning and becoming damaged.”

“It is nice to sit in the sun but the advice from Cancer Research UK should be followed:”

Precautions to take to protect against sunburn[v]

1.  Cover up with clothes, a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses

2.  Use at least factor 15 sunscreen and apply it regularly.

3.  Spend time in the shade during the hottest part of the day (between 11am and 3pm)





[v] was founded in 2012 by mother of three Trina Davies. 

The company ethos is to supply the best value scarves whilst operating in an ethical manner.