Christmas campaign with leverage – FACT-Finder donations turn former victims into helpers

Press Release   •   Dec 17, 2013 12:28 GMT

The “House of Confidence”, a central refuge house for abused girls, was built in the civil-war-stricken zone between Thailand and Burma in 2007 with the support of FACT-Finder. Here, victims can not only enjoy protection from people traffickers and drug dealers, but also receive regular meals and access to education. This successful project is now being continued in Paliang (Burma) – again, with the help of FACT-Finder. Former victims have now become support workers. This has only been possible through a form of donation that is not a one-time only affair, but is based on sustainability and the principle of “helping others to help themselves”.

The number of different ways in which various charitable institutions organise their aid projects proves that it is not only important that people choose to donate. In fact, how people choose to donate is almost more important. FACT-Finder recognised this early on and therefore decided that they would only consider supporting organisations the purpose of which is to help other people to help themselves; this type of support is the best way to ensure the project has a sustainable effect. This is why FACT-Finder has supported the “House of Confidence”, located in the civil-war-stricken zone on the border between Thailand and Burma, since 2007. The house strives to provide aid that goes beyond the everyday and clearly aims at having a long-term effect.

A “House of Trust”
The aid project, “House of Confidence”, accommodates one of the first refuge centres for destitute and abused girls. Most people in the notorious “Golden Triangle” drug producing region live in poverty. Children are the ones who suffer most in this situation. They have to work on waste disposal sites or beg on the streets just to survive. Some children are also exploited as drug couriers or fall into the hands of people traffickers who force them into prostitution. There is barely any way for them to escape from this vicious cycle.

A place of refuge for up to 20 girls, the “House of Confidence” was built in 2007 with FACT-Finder assuming the costs for all construction materials. The girls are given round-the-clock professional supervision and guidance from three to four members of staff. An integrated tea room acts as a drop-in advice centre for children who, in many cases, have been left to fend for themselves without any parents.

An idea catches on
Following the positive experiences had in the “House of Confidence” over the last few years, the idea arose to create a similar project in the vicinity of Paliang, Burma. FACT-Finder is again assuming all costs for materials, labour and furnishing for the planned new building. The leader of the new facility, herself a long-term support worker at the “House of Confidence”, will be assisted by three former residents of the house. 

Victims become support workers
This new project closes the circle – former victims have become helpers, who will give courage and hope to numerous children in desperate situations. This is why the planned new building is much more than just a copy of the already existing “House of Confidence”. It stands for helping others to help themselves, a form of support that reaches far beyond just one day. The idea of helping people to help themselves contains an indispensable leverage effect for the future.

The aid organisation “Hope for Life” is our on-site partner www.hopeforlife.de

Follow this link to read a detailed report about the sustainable involvement of FACT-Finder in the Golden Triangle region: http://www.fact-finder.com/Christmas-Donation-2013.html

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