Christmas in the houses and farmsteads

Press Release   •   Nov 17, 2011 06:49 GMT

In several of the Skansen houses and farmsteads, christmas and coffee tables stand waiting and christmas trees have been decorated, illustrating the Yuletide customs of days gone by. Several of the traditional courses on the christmas table are still a part of present-day celebrations.

In Delsbogården, Oktorpsgården, the Farm Labourer’s Cottage and in Ekshäradsgården, and here one can see how rich and poor set their Christmas dinner tables.

The table set in the Delsbo farmstead is from the mid 19th century. Here there are no individual plates or glasses laid out. To carve a piece of meat ones own knife was used, and as plate a flatbread. The Christmas dinner consisted of veal, "lutfisk" i e dried ling or sathe, served with a sauce made of milk, and for dessert a gruel of pearl-barbley.
The table in Oktorp is from the later part of the 19th century and shows the traditions in a southern home. Here the table is laid out with porcelain plates and cutlery, the traditional stack of bread, ham, salted lamb meat and "pölsa" made of minced meat and pearl-barbley. The dessert was a rice porridge still common today at Christmas time.
The Ekshärad farmstead in Värmland was the home of the local judge and here the table is laid out with decorated plates and cutlery. Still the homemade beer was shared and drunk from one tankard.
The meal started with cold meats, sausages and cheese. The main meal was the "lutfisk" with potatoes, sauce and then the rice porridge followed by a pudding for dessert.

In Väla school and at the Post Office, one can see historically decorated Christmas trees and on Christmas weekends, one can listen to Folk music in front of the fireplace in the Mora farmstead and at the Älvros farmstead.
In the last week before Christmas ginger snap cookies are baked in the Väla school kitchen and in the Iron monger´s home.