Christmas is a busy time in the Town Quarter

Press Release   •   Nov 22, 2011 07:25 GMT

In the Town Quarter the shops and workshops are preparing for Christmas. Many of them will be open during the weekends in Advent, and some of them daily from November 26 to January 8. Here visitors can learn about trade and crafts that are almost extinct.
The Town Quarter was established on a hillside similar to the rocky and hilly Södermalm with a cobbled street running through it. The idea was to show an urban environment of the 18th and 19th centuries, a district of craftsmen and shopkeepters with the odd upper-class element. The Town Quarter has been gradually expanded with buildings moved from country towns. During the 1990s a small industrial neighbourhood dating from the beginning of the 20th century was added.
In older times urban life was characterized by trade and crafts. Until the middel of the 19th centrury only registrered citizens were allowed to undertake these activities. Fixed trading was banned from the countryside. Craftsmen had to be burghers and members of the appropriate guild to have the right to open a workshop. Generally craftsmen lived and worked in the same building. Apprentices and journeymen formed part of the household. They slept in the workshop and ate, work and lived with the master and his family.

During Chrismas the Pottery, the Comb-maker´s and Shoemaker´s workshop, the Bookbindery,the Printer´s, the Engraver´s, Upholsterer´s,Tinsmith´s and the Saddler´s Workshop are open on weekends and the Glassworks, the Furniture Factory, the Engineering Works, the Bakery, the Ironware store, and home, and the Old Shop are open daily.