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Christmas Look Book from This Modern Life

Press Release   •   Aug 29, 2017 11:29 BST

Since 2011, This Modern Life has brought together a personally-selected collection of modern, retro and Scandi inspired items for children and the home.

In the very first Christmas Look Book since our adventure began, we showcase the This Modern Life take on the festive season.  At This Modern Life we believe in products that work for you and your home; and that style should never be compromised - especially at Christmas time. Discover high quality yet affordable items from stocking fillers to exclusive and limited editions – there is something for everybody from the smallest to the tallest.

One of our favourite Christmas items for this year – The Ferm Living Miniature Funkis Wooden Dolls House £165. Beautifully crafted from natural plywood, the simple and modernist feel of this stylish storage house will look fabulous in any playroom, bedroom or any room in the house.

It is perfect to let all imaginations soar and make it something that will cherish forever.(Here you can see our owner Suzanne has recreated TML in miniature form).

Introducing This Modern Life

Washi Tape Black set of 3 - £3, DIY Gold Sparkle Letter Banner by Meri Meri £14, Set of 5 Christmas Magnets by Rachel Powell £10 Exclusive, Black Felt Ball Bunting by Blonde and the Bear £14, Knited Flag Bunting by Meri Meri £20.50, Scallop Bunting by Meri Meri, Round Rug/Blanket by Ferm Living £60, Pull Along Natural Luggy by Olli Ella £99, Pull Along Mini Luggy by Olli Ella £45, Die Cast Pull Back Pastel Cars from £6, Black and White Nesting Doll £18, Soft In the Woods Book by Wee Gallery £8.99, Pink Bunny Teether by Fabelab £10.50, Stars Organic Cotton Muslin by Wee Gallery £25, Black Cloud Cushion by Paparajote Factory £29, Square Grid Playmat/Quilt by Noe & Zoe £48, Mountain Black Stripe Cushion by Noe & Zoe £25

Decorate for Christmas

A4 Light Box £30, Black & White XL Set of 5 Nesting Dolls £48, Poster by OMM Design £18.50, Merry Christmas Bunting by Meri Meri £10, Set of 3 Paper Bags by That Way Shop £18 Exclusive to TML, Medium Riceberry by Noodoll £33.50, Happy Star Cushion by Sass & Belle £13, Bunny Pencil Case by Fabelab £16.50, Set of 3 Copper Tins by Ferm Living £26, Paw Print Black and White Rug by Kids Concept £69.90, Black and White Gran Blanket with white trim by Fine Living Day £43, White and Black Gran Cushion cover by Fine Living Day £30, Little Geometry Black and White cushion by Ferm Living £28, Peach Heart Velvet Cushion by Meri Meri £29

Gifts for the newest member of the family

Ball Pit with 200 balls and washable cover £95, Grey and White Gran Blanket by Fine Living Day £43, Medium Ricestorm Cushion by Noodoll £33.50, Cat Grey Rattle by Fabelab £11.50, Mountain Rattle £14.50, Bunny Rattle by Fabelab £14.50, Believe Paper Bag £8.50, Reindeer Rucksack by Meri Meri £19.50, White Super Fluffy Noodoll Rug £110, Watermelon Play Mat by Kids Boeteik £45, Mint Green Step Stool £90, Origami Fox Lamp by Disaster Designs £29, Stacking Rings by Kids Concept £12.90, Wooden Mini Maze by Kids Concept £12.90, Hanging Book Basket by Olli Ella £23, Gran Grey and White Muslin £18, Mint Green and White Muslin £18, Wooden Raindrop Hook £15, Woodland Advent Calendar by Meri Meri £25, Wonder and Rah Forest A3 Print £25 Exclusive to TML,Star Iridescent Bunting with Neon Thread by Meri Meri £16.50, Blue Green (and Black) Shelf £29, Milk Soft Rattles (in White and Mint Green) by The Milk Collective £18, Dreamy Wizard Rattle by Fabelab £18, Heart Paper Cup from a set of 12 by Meri Meri £4.50, Mint Teeny Tiny Stars set of 3 by A Little Lovely Company £6, Penguin Soft Baby Book by Wee Gallery £8.99,Set of 3 Cloud Teeny Tinys by A Little Lovely Company £6,Cross Stitch Bear by Moon Picnic £18.90, Mint and Grey Blocks by &me £21, Wooden Pull Back Car by Kukkia £16

Giftsfor little walkers and talkers

Large White Pegboard by Block £65, Coloured Pegs by Block £15, Pastel Washi Tape – From a selection at, Normann Copenhagen Wall Pockets from £12, Colouring Pencils by Design Letters £14.50, Playpa Colouring Set Roll Holder £22.50, Playpa Rolls of Paper £14.94, Playpa Stickers £3.50 all 3 items by Olliella, Set of Neon Pencils by Design Letters £14.50, Die Cast Pull Back Pastel Cars from £6, Mini Cloud Shelf by Red Hang Gang £12.50, Nail Varnish by Nailmatic £7, Enamel Rainbow Pin by EefLillemor £6.50,Sonny Angel £5.95,Believe Paper Bag by Hello Henry £8.50, Copenhagen Small Pink Scales Blanket by Nobodinoz £42, Turquoise & White Gran Cushion by Fine Little Day £30, Unicorn Soft Toy by Meri Meri £36, Rainbow Cushion by Meri Meri £36.

Gifts for little school goers

Adventure Rug by Oyoy Living £39, Black and White (and Grey and White) Gran Toddler Bedding £55, DIY Black Letter Banner by A Little Lovely Company £12,Advent Calendar by Ferm Living £46, Advent Calendar contents from a selection from across the site, Small RicepuffyNoodoll £25, Watermelon Cushion £18, Cactus Cushion by Oyoy Design £40.50, Medium Ricestorm Cloud by Noodoll £33.50, Kawaii Circle Face/Lightning Bolt cushion by Moobles & Toobles £16, Lego 8 stud storage £30, Lego 4 stud storage £18, Notebooks by, Melamine Cup by Design Letters £9, LED Pink Star Light by EefLillemor £8, Toy Pink Guitar £30, Set of 3 suitcases (only one show) by Suzy Ulman £20,Set of 3 Paper Bags by That Way Shop £18 Exclusive to TML, Cactus Cushion by Oyoy Living Design £34, Bowling Set by Nobodinoz £39.50,Believe Paper Bag by Hello Henry £8.50, Wooden Pull Back Car by Kukkia £16, Cozy House Cloth Bag by Fabelab £12, Nisse Lunch/Mini cloth bag by Fabelab £12, Cool Kids Monochrome Cushion by Woouf £39, Small Crib £45

Gifts for the ones growing up too fast

Peace Sign by Lala Loves Décor £19Exclusive to TML, Ombre Moon Print by Ella and the Roo £25, Cloud Wooden White Shelf £32, White PomPom Bunting £16, Miffy Table Lamp £55, Star Cushion by Sass and Belle £13, House Cloth Mini Bag by Fabelab £12,Christmas Doll by Fabelab £17, Wooden Holdie House with Handle by Ollie Ella £55, White and Black Grid Basket £26, Black & White XL Set of 5 Nesting Dolls £48, Large Grey Pirate Bunny Storage Bag by Fabelab £38, Small Grey Ricepuffy Soft Toy by Noodoll £25, Champagne Ricesnooze Cushion Cloud by Noodoll £38.50, Heart Cushion by Meri Meri £29

Gifts for big kids

Large A2 Green Letter Board by Design Letters - £90, Black Vintage Letters£18, Large Wire Mesh display grid by Block Design £55, Grey Wall Pockets by Normann Copenhagen from £12, Black Wall Star stickers by Ferm Living £16, Mini Rubber Plant Card by Scout Design £3, Silver Dream Mirror Eyes by Lala Loves Décor £18, daily memo board sheet, Set of 6 pastel cups by Engel £25.50, pencils, White paper bag with Stars, from a selection at, Large Half Moon monochrome storage bag by Ferm Living £49, Medium mint dot storage bag by Ferm Living £39, Wrapping paper from a selection at

Hello! Welcome to This Modern Life...

On 1st November we opened our online shop, originally called The Modern Baby, after decorating our first son’s bedroom and struggling to find what we were looking for - a modern look that combines retro inspired items. 

Since then, our little family has grown significantly (both at home and in the office), as has our website! We have always stocked products that will grow with your baby and look great for years, and now offer products across a huge range of categories so you can shop for your kids and your home all in one place. So many of our products will add a touch of colour and fun to a nursery and bedroom, but look right at home in the lounge too!

Passionate about supporting other small businesses and aiming to continually increase the stock of eco friendly products - all of us here at This Modern Life genuinely love what we do and want others to be just as excited!