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Claims Company Launches Group Action

Press release   •   Aug 07, 2013 15:51 BST

A small group of victims of a Timeshare Scam have started a group action against a Barclays Partner Finance formerly the Clydesdale Bank (BFP) or GE Money (GEM).

These claimants have all been duped into buying bundles of timeshare properties “as an investment”, most mis-sales took place within Europe.  All mis-selling utilised the finance arrangements made available by either BFP or GEM.

The Group Action is being run by a leading firm of Litigation Solicitors based in London’s Lincoln’s Inn, the firm has already achieved significant success in similar actions against these lenders.

The aim of the Group Action is to obtain full restitution of all monies lost as a result of the scam, including but not limited to any lost capital, all interest charges, refunds of maintenance fees and related interest.   Perhaps more importantly a successful action will mean that the claimant and their heirs will no longer be hounded by the timeshare company for related maintenance fees in perpetuity.

Olton Alexander Financial Claims Ltd is currently compiling the action as claims manager and all interested parties can join the action only through their offices (www.oltonalexander.co.uk) email info@oltonalexander.co.uk or through the financial claims hub       www.mis-sold.tv   any media can be viewed at http://mis-soldhub.com/msh/#/media-directory/

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