Cloud Computing - One Cloud Born Every 6 Seconds

Press Release   •   Jul 09, 2012 08:02 BST

What started as a technology breakthrough is now the foundation of a new era of IT. Building on a history of innovation and four years of unparalleled growth, Cloud Computing giant Commensus today announce their commitment to supporting VMware’s vSphere 5.0 as new statistics announce that one new virtual machine is turned on every 6 seconds.

With 20 million virtual machines worldwide, VMware have been leading the way in Cloud Computing and virtualisation for the last decade. Through a strategic partnership to support vSphere 5.0, Commensus will ensure that 24/7 support is provided for their customers who are looking to deploy their own Private Cloud on-premise.

Linking companies servers into the VMware vCloud through the Commensus Secure Cloud Platform, Commensus will help companies to simply deploy a secondary site for disaster recovery and business continuity planning as well as enabling firms to deploy their own localised Private Cloud to become burstable and elastic so that their virtual data centre can grow and shrink whenever necessary, enabling firms to cope with increased usage and demand.

“VMware’s vSphere 5 enables significant benefits for the business with the deployment of the virtual datacentre in the Public Cloud. vCloud Powered® partners such as Commensus, are able to support a growing number of virtual Clouds to enable SMEs to become more agile”, said Commensus CTO, Alex Parker. “With over 5.5. vMotions per second, Commensus have to monitor and deploy new Cloud Computing  instances almost instantaneously to enable our customers systems to work as efficiently as possible”.

Commensus were recently awarded VMware’s highest standard for Cloud service providers. The vCloud Powered® badge confirms their place as one of VMware’s closest aligned UK partners.

“The VMware vCloud® Powered program was developed to enable our service provider partners to differentiate themselves and help them bring their enterprise-class cloud services to market in this competitive landscape,“ said Gavin Jackson EMEA Director at VMware. “We look forward to supporting Commensus further as it delivers on the agility and performance customers are looking for in the cloud computing landscape.”

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Commensus is a Cloud Computing and Infrastructure as a Service provider based in London. With a 24/7 staffed technical office, we provide unrivalled support to customers around the world. Formed by a group of serial technology investors, Commensus was one of the first IT companies to launch into the Cloud. Today, following 4 years of successful growth, Commensus help several hundred customers and support thousands of users across the UK and Europe in the Cloud.