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CMA Global Inc. Explain why Employer Branding is so Important

Press release   •   Mar 22, 2018 12:29 GMT

CMA Global Inc. is a sales and direct marketing firm based in Atlanta; the firm believes that employer branding is incredibly important when it comes to recruitment, company culture and reducing costs. Having a respected employer brand is a crucial part of the success of any business in the modern workplace. It will have a significant impact on strategy as it goes a long way in helping firms find and recruit better candidates, reduce the overall hiring costs and subsequently improve productivity massively.

CMA Global Inc.: About the company.

CMA Global Inc. has devised a list of the top benefits of having strong employer branding:

1.) Helps to retain employees and recruit new ones

Employees often want to be proud of the company that they work for. Having a strong employer brand goes a long way to make sure companies can retain top talent. For most employees they look to the social media channels of prospective companies they are applying to, to get a rough idea of the expectations and culture of the employer to see if they are the right for them.

2.) Reduces costs

If companies can create a brand that is easily recognizable or renowned for its culture, they won't have to fork out as much money on recruiting costs. Potential candidates will seek out companies and will actively apply to available roles. This allows companies to focus financial resource elsewhere on getting ahead of the competition. In turn, the recruitment cost decreases because the turnover isn’t high and candidates seek out businesses, as opposed to the other way round.

3.) Employees become ambassadors

Employees will become ambassadors as a result of having a strong brand image, as they are proud to be at the company. The more people talking positively about the business particularly employees, there will be a sharp rise in the firm's ability to attract top candidates. Furthermore, these employees will help with the marketing efforts, as they will be spreading praise about the firm. This subsequently creates a domino effect, when the brand awareness has increased the number of sales will rise in parallel.

4.) Employee engagement improves

Employees that work with a strong brand are often found to be far more enthusiastic and motivated. Having motivated staff is great for an employer because they are much more productive and when they are the business grows as a result. As the business grows the financial stability should also help attract even more potential candidates.

As a company, CMA Global Inc. specialize in personalized marketing because they believe that it is the quickest and most- efficient way to reach their client's customers. By developing strategic and demographic focused campaigns, which gives them the best outlet to facilitate the clients’ needs, without the large space overheads and ongoing payroll bill. CMA Global Inc. creates a platform, which offers brand exposure, and recognition directly to the customers’ needs via the client. Providing a hands-on service including customer care, product demonstrations and pre-sales care; brands can personalize their campaigns to maximize engagement and build a sound basis for a client relationship.


Marques Aiken: CEO

CMA Global Inc. will achieve results from day one, driving brand awareness by implementing multiple effective outlets of face to face communication. Creative campaigns will allow consumers to engage with your brand, customer service will be second to none, leaving each and every interaction positive, and building personality around the brand image. Our cost-efficient services will deliver a guaranteed ROI.