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CMA Global predict market changes with the arrival of Generation Z in the workplace

Press Release   •   Jan 15, 2018 09:42 GMT

With a new wave of workers ready, Millennials are warned they need to develop new skills and remain relevant to changing markets as the oldest of Generation Z prepare for work.

As new generations enter the workplace, businesses often make changes to attract and maintain fresh talent. Millennials have dominated the workplace for some time and will benefit from addressing some of the needs of Generation Z to ensure they have the skills to remain relevant in the workplace. CMA Global are entrepreneurial activists committed to developing business owners in the community to boost local economies, by offering contractors access to free workshops they can benefit from structured learning opportunities on crucial business skills and knowledge.

CMA Global:

CMA Global urge millennials to use their checklist to remain relevant as job markets adapt for Generation Z:

Find a Mentor - Securing a mentor in a growing business will offer insight into the future of the industry. The mentor should provide support surrounding personal and professional progression.

Address Core Values to secure a dream job - CMA Global are encouraging professionals who feel stuck at work to take the time to consider their dream job. Once the vision is set, it is time to act! Use a mentor from the desired industry, and set to work on developing an action plan on how to get to the front of the queue for the next promotional opportunity. Anyone looking to establish a consistently progressive career needs to become impatient in their current position and take charge of the professional development.

CMA Global is proud to offer up and coming mentoring services to ambitious and hardworking individuals looking to establish a name for themselves in the industry. The firm will continue to support millennials and welcome Generation Z to strike a perfect balance of experience and freshness within the industry. The firm boasts a secure network of industry specialists keen to share their skills and develop future entrepreneurs.

CMA Global Inc offers training centred around industry-specific abilities and development of healthy habits which are specific to new business owners.

CMA Global consists of a team of sales and marketing experts who all have previous industry experience and pride themselves on developing a culture that allows them to cater to consumer's needs.

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Marques Aiken: Managing Director

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