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CMA global see a rise in engagement and productivity after implementing new winning formula for their breakfast meetings

Press Release   •   Jan 08, 2018 13:58 GMT

Meetings don’t have to be time wasting, motivation-sapping events which create dread in attendees. In a recent interview,  CMA Global reveal their exclusive winning formula when it comes to increasing workforce engagement levels.

About the Firm:

Business meetings are a great way to communicate vital news, review campaign progress and develop future strategies. More often than not leaders are getting them all wrong, resulting in reduced engagement and the feeling of wasted time. CMA Global a successful brand management firm is urging all leaders to review their simple ABC formula to ensure maximum effectiveness during breakfast meetings:

A is for accountability – Establishing a mentor-like relationship with team members encourages both job satisfaction and responsibility. Knowing that follow up will be made on all projects, and an opportunity to gather vital feedback to improve development means everyone is more likely to engage.

The relaxed nature of a business meeting mixed with breakfast offers the impression of trust and personalises the approach. Take time to develop personal bonds and find out if anyone needs any additional resources to improve their ability to deliver results.

B is for breakfast food – The human body requires nourishment, and who doesn’t like a free meal. Take the opportunity to inject energy into the day by choosing a place that serves a healthy breakfast designed to impress the taste buds and fuel minds for the day. Figuring out the best local spots is all part of the fun, finding a place that shares personal values will enhance the experience for everyone.

C is for Community – influencing the team stems from sourcing motivators and inspiring passion in others. Influencers in business can change the direction of a project through indirect inspiration. A company should centre around critical principles shared collectively, this should mean a team should naturally gel if there’s a weak link buddy up with them to see if they just need additional support, and if not look to source a replacement to ensure the company culture isn’t negatively impacted.

CMA Global has seen a boost in productivity after they recently reviewed their meeting processes, the firm would now like to encourage other businesses to consider breakfast meetings as a sure-fire way to improve engagement and community feel within the organisation.


Marques Aiken, Managing Director


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