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Press Release   •   Feb 13, 2012 17:13 GMT

There are currently a whole bunch of amazing mobile phones out on the market, so choosing a new mobile is at its hardest. How much help would it be if there was some sort of tool you could use to help you compare all the top phones so you can decide which mobile you want?

There is! The Compare Phones tool is ready and waiting to help you decide which mobile is best for you and show you which mobiles have the best features and which ones are just all talk. All you have to do is choose your top 4 phones and then let the comparison do the rest. You then just look and see which phone better suits your needs or which one has the feature that you are looking for and your decision is made, Simple!

Comparing features such as the size of the screen, the quality of the screen, camera, size of phone and Operating System this comparison tool pick the most common features that people judge a mobile by and compares them all against each other to eliminate down to the best phone. 

Finally you can look forward to getting a new phone rather than stressing about what phone you are going to choose and you will actually get the right phone. 

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