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Consumers Want 4G Connectivity On The New iPhone 5

Press release   •   Mar 17, 2012 16:43 GMT

Sometime over the next six months we are due to see the new iPhone 5 from Apple released. This new handset is set to boast a wealth of new features which are yet to be confirmed. One thing that we can be sure of is that when this model is finally launched it will include some of the very latest technology. We take a look at some functionality that we would like to see included on this model when it is finally released, especially in the connectivity and software departments.

We would like to see the new iPhone 5 offer connectivity options that enable the device to connect to the new 4G LTE networks that are being established. This type of network is the fastest method of mobile data transfer and offers speeds that are up to ten times faster than the 3G connection that is used on the iPhone 4S. This means that consumers will be able to enjoy very fast web browsing when they are in an area covered by this type of signal. WiFi web browsing has always been superb on iPhone devices but 3G can sometimes offer an inconsistent service so we would love to see 4G LTE incorporated for this reason. The new iPad3 has been launched featuring this functionality while a number of new mobile phones have been launched that also support this network including the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. With the new iPhone likely to incorporate a quad core processor the handset is already shaping up to be one of the fastest phones ever released and the inclusion of 4G connectivity will further enhance the operation speeds that users can expect from the device.

When the iPhone 4S was launched in 2011 it offered a brand new operating system that featured a number of new features but we still feel that Apple could offer us some more software improvements on the iPhone 5. The main competitors to the iPhone are Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S2. Devices like this use the excellent Google Maps navigation software which is vastly superior to the navigation tools offered by the iOS platform. We would love to see improved map services featured on this new device when it is finally released. The new notifications system that was introduced on iOS 5 is a great system but managing which application you want to receive notifications from is a very complex task. If these notifications were easier to manage we feel that the phone would feel much more user friendly. The settings for both the WiFi and Bluetooth options are also very difficult to access and a shortcut for activating simple settings such as these would be well advised.

We are sure that when the iPhone 5 is finally released it will offer many improvements over the excellent iPhone 4S. We hope that some of the software improvements that we have mentioned are featured on this new handset and that 4G connectivity is included as it will make this new devices one of the leading handsets available. We are expecting to see the new iPhone 5 launched very soon.

The iPhone 5 is coming soon and the Samsung Galaxy S2 is available now.

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