Could social media updates snag teens their dream job?

Press Release   •   Feb 24, 2016 08:15 GMT

Social media services are extremely popular among teens who easily spend hours on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every day. But with employers increasingly turning to social media to get more colour on prospective candidates, teens need to get more savvy about exactly what they share and how they share it. So says the founder of London-based Veridu — a start-up that uses data from social media profiles as a means to rate how credible an individual is.

London, February 24th 2016: “To put it bluntly, teens should stop consuming and start producing. If they just knew how important their online profiles are today, when recruiters do background checks, they would be more alert to what they decide to share,” says Rasmus Groth, CEO and founder of Veridu. The company recently raised £800,000 and is expected to reach a valuation of £20-25 million in 2016. He continues:

“While many parents despair at time ‘wasted’ on social networks, a strong online footprint will actually work in their favour. Recruiters are increasingly turning to social media to corroborate education and work credentials listed on candidate CVs. There’s tremendous value in developing and maintaining the relevant sections of social media profiles as a complement to a more traditional CV.”

Veridu claims to bring trust to the Internet by analysing the footprint each of us leaves behind when we use our social media profiles online. The company, which already has a workforce spread out over three continents, uses the data from the most popular social media sites when the users grant them access. The data is then run through some very advanced algorithms that calculate a score on how trustworthy the online profile in question is. Rasmus Groth’s mantra is that while you can fake an online profile, you can’t fake a whole life online.

Digital footprints reveal who we are

“Teens should be more aware that every interaction on a social network contributes to their online reputation. They need to understand that they are in charge of the image they portray, and that this image has a tangible value. So, their carefully managed social media profile could actually snag them their dream job over equally qualified candidates who may not have been quite so conscious of how to make social media work for them,” says Rasmus Groth.

The entrepreneur has some advice for parents worried about the image their teens are portraying online — advice that could even serve parents well.

“It’s not rocket science, just think about the different people who’ll be viewing your profiles and make sure you have all your bases covered. Build out the personal information sections of your profiles with details of your education, exam results, work experience, relevant hobbies and interests — and make sure dates and details are consistent with your CV. We work with recruiters to automate these credential checks, always with the candidate’s consent, and if information on social media ties in with information provided in a CV a candidate will score higher, something that could just give them the edge in today’s highly competitive job market,” ends Rasmus Groth.

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For further information, please contact:

Rasmus Groth, Veridu CEO at or +45 26 22 86 41, visit or Twitter: @veriduHQ

Tips on how teens should adjust their privacy settings

  • Check the privacy settings on each of your social media accounts and set the level of information you share with different groups accordingly.
  • Most networks offer the ability to view your profile as if you were someone else — family, friends, the public, so run through these views and make sure you’re happy with what a recruiter will see if they look you up.
  • While LinkedIn may be seen as the ‘professional’ networking site, don’t forget that Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any other networks you use can all be used to your advantage.

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