Create free infographics of any Facebook page in seconds

Press Release   •   Jun 05, 2013 12:20 BST

Statistics for any business are great but trying to understand them can sometimes be a mess. This especially applies to statistics on Facebook and digital media is always difficult to measure. That's why infographics are popular; A simple graphical presentation of statistical data. is a newly launched free service that allows you to create infographics based on any Facebook page. It's absolutely free and the report is created in just a few seconds.

Automatically creates an infographic

You have probably seen a number of infographics. Now you can create your own based on the statistics from any Facebook page. Simply enter a Facebook business page URL and you will get:

  • Response time in the page
  • Which day of the week the fans are most active
  • What kind of content that works best for the page
  • Which posts that have given the best effect
  • ....and lots of more interesting data is create by the Facebook platform company Fanbooster. Channel Partner John Smith Fanbooster UK says they wanted to create a way of showing info about Facebook pages everyone would understand.

- There are tons of data out there, says John, we just take the most relevant info and present it in an understandable way. Even the CEO of any company should be able to understand what's happening on the company's Facebook page.

Simply a free service with no hidden costs.

Even though pagealyzer has just been launched, more than 3.000 Facebook pages has been pagealyzed.

- We created the tools for our existing customers, says John Smith, but it seems like the word has been spread around the world.

Fanbooster is now focusing on creating an even better solution for all brands, social media managers, community managers and infographics fans. will never have any hidden fees.

- We simply love Facebook stats and want everyone to understand what's going on on their page, says John Smith.

Test the service free of charge:

Fanbooster hails from Kongsberg,Norway. Our company provides you with an easy to use online tool to customise Facebook pages for companies worldwide. Since the start in 2010, more than 10.000 Facebook applications has been create in the Facebook platform.

Among the customers are the FA cup finalists Manchester City and Wigan Athletics, LG Mobile, Total Greek Yoghurt, Aston Villa and Microsoft.