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Creating plans for summer during New Year is the key to success in business states Bamboosh

Press Release   •   Jan 08, 2018 14:11 GMT

Maidstone's energetic sales and marketing firm Bamboosh are eager to begin preparations for summer 2018, to ensure that they maintain in pole position in their native city, with extensive plans to dominate the industry over the course of the next twelve months. The firm has outlined their business strategy to ensure they can reap the rewards of success in the summer months.

About the firm:

Travel Plans: Bamboosh is a firm believer in the positive effects of travel, how this can expand a company’s horizons and individual contractor skills. The company already has extensive plans for a variety of business trips over the course of 2018, including a networking trip to Texas in the first half of the year. The company details how travelling abroad with the company and exposing the firm's contractors to a variety of sales and marketing environments will only help to mould and expand their industry knowledge.

Get a Jump Start: Bamboosh is eager to advise other companies to ensure they act now in preparation for the summer months, one of the busiest retail focused months throughout the year. Organisation is the key to business success states Bamboosh, conducting market research during the colder months is a sure-fire way to sizzle in summer.

Organise a team celebration: Bamboosh details how the celebration of company contractors should not take place purely at the conclusion of a year, but also halfway through, potentially during the summer months. Bamboosh understands that the success of a company is heavily influenced by the dedication of the young professionals, and their accomplishments with clients should be celebrated and recognised whenever possible.

Create Gratitude: Bamboosh states the importance of recognition for those involved in all areas of business, recognising that gratitude should be evident throughout the entire year. The firm details how little acts of appreciation in the lead up to summer will ensure the maintained action of motivation throughout the summer months when professionals in many industries are often inclined to lose interest.

Managing Director Luke Walker states "Bamboosh is planning to create a big impact in 2018, we're leading the way like a tsunami to make sure we see the effects come summer". Bamboosh is eager to ensure they take 2018 by storm, understanding that summer months are often the most fruitful within the sales and marketing industry. The company has exciting plans for the course of the next twelve months, with extensive plans for international trips as both incentives and networking opportunities for the aspiring entrepreneurs involved with Bamboosh.


Managing Director: Luke Walker

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