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Press Release   •   Aug 17, 2017 12:32 BST

Instead of tidying kids toys in boring plastic boxes, we want to inspire you to store them in something pretty awesome that looks great in your house. From natural woven baskets, fabric bags, suitcases and printed paper sacks, there are so many stylish and affordable options that we love. There are endless organisational possibilities!

Inspiration: Large Storage

We love these handwoven storage baskets which come in a range of colours including metallic silver. And don't forget to check out the Pom Pom ones too. Large enough to store clothes, blankets, toys or even small cushions. Hanging storage is a great space saver for any modern nursery. Hang on the back of the door, on a wall hook or even from a changing table. Wall storage is really versatile and can hold muslins, blankets, wipes, toys or even your little one's shoes. If you are looking for a large tote (which we also love hung on a wall hook), the Herman bag from Ferm Living is perfect. It's big enough to bundle everyone's coats and scarves in too and take with you for a day out. It's also a cosy weekend bag made for trips to the beach, the swimming pool or even picnics in the park. The best part is that it folds away neatly in case you need to stash it away somewhere - although you probably won't want to hide this beauty!

Inspiration: Small Storage

We're a little bit obsessed with everything having a place in the home. If everything has a place, it's easier to tidy up, right? Marie Kondo anyone?! Small storage is perfect for those smaller toys that inevitably get tipped all over the floor on a daily basis. Pop matchbox cars or wooden blocks into a Fabelab small storage bag and hang them on the wall. We love our little suitcases for things like dolls (and their shoes and clothes), Shopkins, they're perfect for play food too - little ones can carry it around and set up a teddy picnic anywhere.

Inspiration: Kids Toy Storage

We probably all have more kids toys than we'd like, right?! And we probably all have some ugly plastic toys that we'd rather hide but that the kids love. The Lego storage blocks are ideal for not only Lego & Duplo, but also marble runs, wooden blocks, magnetic tiles, Playmobil, cars and dinosaurs. Our Play & Go mats open out to a become a large play mat, and when playtime is over just pop everything in the middle and pull the strings together. It's perfect for storing all kinds of things, especially Duplo - it's also ideal for getting lots of toys out easily and efficient tidying up at grandparents' houses.

Large storage sacks are ideal for lots of big soft toys, as well as some of those big plastic toys. They are sturdy and easy to chuck everything in at the end of the day.

Inspiration: Travel Storage

We have got into the habit of organising our nappy bag and travel bag with lots of zipped pouches. Our favourite change bag is the Tiba & Marl Elwood backpack which comes in different prints and makes change bags cool again! It makes it easy to find what you're looking for. We use separate bags for food, muslins, wet nappies, spare clothes and baby wipes, and one for a few first aid and beauty essentials - plasters, lip balm and bottom butter (one for me and one for the baby!).


Inspiration: Large Storage

Oilli Ella – Belly Basket – Small/Natural - £25

Oilli Ella – Belly Basket – Small/Black - £25

Storage Bag. Herman Big Bag – Grey - £59

Cushion. Jack - Small / Zig Zag Black - £10.50

Oyoy Living Design. Soft Toy / Cushion. Cactus / Mint - £34

Nobodinoz. Cushion. Jack - Small / Pink Scales - £10.50

Suzy Ultman. Shelf. Tipi - Mint - £18

Oyoy Living Design. Wall Storage - Repo. Two Pocket Circle / Triangle - £42

Sass & Belle. Storage Suitcases - Set of 2 Cat Face / Black - £20

Lala Loves Decor. Wall Decor Yay sign – Black - £5

Lapin & Me. LED Light. Little Fawn Light – White - £12.95

Chair- Photographers own

Inspiration: Small Storage

Suzy Ultman. Suitcases - Set of 3 / Double Face - £20

Fabelab. Storage Bag. Night Sky / Small - £11.50

Fabelab. Storage Bag. Ship / Small - £11.50

Fabelab. Storage Bag. Alisan / Small -£11.50

Fabelab. Storage Bag. Jade / Small - £11.50

That Way. Reusable Mini Paper Sack - £2.50

Rock & Pebble. Wall Hook. Set of 3 - Wooden / Toto - £34

Inspiration: Kids Toy Storage

Kids Boeteik. Suitcase. Fruit - Lemon - £11.50

LEGO. LEGO Storage Brick 4 Stud. Grey/White/Black/Aqua/Yellow/Pink/Blue - £18

LEGO. LEGO Storage Brick. 8 Stud/Grey/White/Black/Aqua/Pink/Yellow/Blue -£30

Play&Go. Storage / Play Mat. Toy Bag / Bakker Made with Love Badminton - £29.95

Fabelab. Large Storage Bag. Pirate Bunny – White - £38

Suzy Ultman. Wooden Dolls / Mr Sun & Friends- £24.50

Corby Tindersticks. Height Chart. Ice Cream £16

Mimi Lou. Wall Hook. Round Wall Hook. Confetti - £10

Inspiration: Travel Storage

Nobodinoz. Wash Bag / Pencil Case.Napoli - Green Diamonds - £9.50

Nobodinoz. Wash Bag / Pencil Case. Napoli - Black Diamonds - £9.50

Nobodinoz. Wash Bag / Pencil Case. Napoli - Pink Diamonds - £9.50

Sass & Belle. Storage. Suitcases - Set of 2. Cat Face / Black - £20

Sass & Belle. Storage. Suitcases - Set of 2. Cat Face / Black - £20

TIBA + MARL. Changing Bag. Elwood Quilted / Black - £120

Suzy Ultman. Snack Pots. Set of 3 - Llama & Friends -£6.50

Design Letters / Arne Jacobsen Melamine Cup Sippy Lid. Mint Green / Turquoise - £6.90

Disaster Designs. Purse / Small Bag. Double Sided – Cactus - £14

Disposable Nappy supplied from Baby+Boo -

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