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Criterion Worldwide look to the Winter Olympics for inspiration

Press release   •   Mar 02, 2018 13:58 GMT

Criterion Worldwide have always considered the sports-minded mentality as an essential aspect of their business model. As a direct sales and marketing firm, Criterion Worldwide provide face to face sales solutions to a range of clients and pride themselves on a collective of sales representatives who are competitive, driven and hard-working. They have always seen parallels between the sales industry and competitive sport, and so believe it is no mystery that the most successful in the industry often come from a sporting background.

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With the Winter Olympics in full swing, Criterion Worldwide are looking to the recent success of Shaun White to inspire their contractors to maintain a hardworking mentality. Shaun White is a three-time Olympic gold medalist, holding the record for the most X-Games gold medals and the most Olympic gold medals by a snowboarder. He is known to train every day of the week, structuring his training to ensure he gets the best results. He recently secured his third gold medal at the Winter Olympics, and Criterion Worldwide want to highlight this success and use it as inspiration to improve their contractor’s aspirations.

Speaking on this, the Managing Director Lewis Morton stated:

The Winter Olympics is a great time for our contractors to look for inspiration. Shaun White has demonstrated this week that hard work, practice, and inner grit translate into success. This is something all successful sales representatives need to realise and translate into their professional development.”

The firm has focused explicitly on Shaun White’s maintained drive and mental toughness. Mr. Morton claimed this week that a huge number of interviewees often state they have the drive, but fail to demonstrate this over an extended period. He wants to see each of his contractors mirror the drive reflected in by Shaun White in his preparation for the Olympics. In a recent interview, he claimed:

“Sales is like any sport, easy to learn but hard to perfect. Perfection requires organisation, regimentation, and drive.”

With the second week of the Winter Olympics round the corner, the firm looks forward to highlighting more hardworking and talented Olympians in hopes they can inspire both new and old recruits to commit to hard work in the sales industry.


Managing Director - Lewis Morton

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