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CTB Global discuss three ways to promote positivity

Press release   •   Mar 01, 2018 12:41 GMT

CTB Global have used their morning meeting this week to provide their contractors with three ways to boost their positivity in the workplace. The sales and marketing experts like to take care of their sales representatives - believing that a happy workforce correlates with strong sales results. Over the past year, the firm has built a reputation of providing a guaranteed ROI to all of their clients and believe this is down to their high-quality face to face sales technique and the positivity of their contractors.

CTB Global: About the firm.

With the positivity of their contractors made a strong priority, they understand that sometimes individuals need a new focus to alter their outlook on life. With this in mind, the Managing Director Eduardo Gamboa has invested his time in working out some ways their workforce can bring back a positive focus on their lives. His workshop highlighted three key pointers:

1) Emphasizing health

He suggests that those looking to boost their positivity work on generating a healthy lifestyle. By getting enough sleep, doing regular exercise and eating healthily contractors will naturally feel better about themselves. With this in mind, CTB Global asked each member of their workforce to plan out their week and make sure they make time for themselves and their health.

2) Challenge yourself more often

Challenges are essential for success. CTB argue that each goal an individual sets out needs to be some challenge for them to achieve a payoff. The firm asked each of their contractors to challenge themselves in the field and set their sales targets higher, so they receive a more favorable payoff.

3) Consider who you spend your time with

An individual’s company often influences positivity. CTB Global do all they can to promote a friendly and healthy work environment but ask each of their contractors to consider exactly who they spend time with and whether they offer a positive impact on their life. Sometimes it may be hard, but the firm believes that changes in someone's company can alter whether they choose to be an optimist or pessimist.

CTB Global can confirm that this workshop was a success and was glad to see the responses of his workforce. With the majority of 2018 ahead of them, CTB Global are hoping that they can continue to work with their contractors to guide them in their professional development.


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