Curatr wants to transform the way organisations do eLearning

Press release   •   Mar 01, 2012 08:30 GMT

Curatr, the platform to create Rich, Active and Social eLearning, has released version two of its award winning software.  Combining a unique interface with game-like mechanics and a collaborative learning environment, Curatr leads the way in terms of design and innovation in the eLearning marketplace.

Curatr encourages those working within the Learning Sector to take a different approach to the normal click next to continue world of eLearning.  “We went back to the drawing board, to imagine eLearning in a world which is already vastly rich in content” said Ben Betts from Curatr.  “Inspired by our favourite places of learning, we came up with a novel design which encourages exploration and focuses on the learner, not the management of learners.  It’s no coincidence that this approach means you don’t have to invest huge amounts of time in the development of new content; you can re-use content from anywhere to create an experience in which the learner becomes the curator of their own knowledge”.

The updated system includes from than 100 changes, from an updated user interface to a completely new iPad app.  “We’ve come a long way since version one, which was just a year ago” continued Betts.  “This latest version of Curatr represents a giant leap forwards in everything we do.  Following on from the feedback we’ve received we have made a huge range of modifications to build on the core flow of the learners experience, and the results of our testing programmes have been very, very encouraging”. 

Visitors to the website can check out the video and play the demo.  Teachers can sign up to the full version of Curatr for free and get started straight away.

About Curatr:

Curatr allows you to create Rich, Active and Social eLearning experiences.

Using learning content sourced everywhere, Curatr encourages learners to reflect, curate and build their understanding as they collaborate with their peers in a Social Learning environment.

Developed in a research-led approach, Curatr is available free of charge to Teachers and from just £149 per month for organisations.  To learn more, visit our website and play our free demo.