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Curious Kids Campaign seeks 1 million supporters to put curiosity at the top of the education agenda

Press release   •   Mar 07, 2012 09:00 GMT

London-based Stealth Education believes that being curious is the key to success and happiness in life and is launching a global campaign to put curiosity at the top of the agenda for kids all over the world.

They argue that children are born curious, their thirst for new experiences and information is unquenchable, but that as they grow up, that spark can be lost and as a result they become bored and disinterested in learning.

So the Curious Kids Campaign is on a mission to encourage everyone from app and game developers through to schools and education policy makers to put curiosity at the heart of every child’s experience.

As developers and publishers, Stealth Education believes that too many educational apps and games offer kids passive, repetitive experiences – and that children deserve better. They are forming alliances with other companies who share their philosophy, including Made in Me, the team behind the BAFTA-nominated The Land of Me, as well as hot new start-up Night Zookeeper.

But their campaign is not just about apps and games: Stealth Education’s CEO, Henry Playfoot explains:

“I’ve been thinking a lot about my own kids’ development and realised that what matters most is a curious mindset. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my own kids in that state of wonderment that comes from discovering the world, and I want their education – at school and at home – to nurture, protect and reward this most precious quality.”

The aim of the Curious Kids Campaign is not only to influence developers and designers to produce engaging apps and games for children, but to challenge policy makers and schools around the world to explicitly teach, assess and reward curiosity at every stage of education.

You can find out more and show your support for the Curious Kids here: 


Stealth Education was founded by education and technology experts Henry and Jim Playfoot to meet a need to provide children with mobile games and apps that are both fun and educational. Backed by a team of advisors including UK games guru Ian Livingstone and Professor Mark Alter from New York University, they bring together expertise from the worlds of education, gaming and technology.  Working with robust research and evidence and a range of partners in Europe, the US and Asia, Stealth Education is building a platform for compelling educational apps and games that children really want to play.