Custom Made Diamond Nose Studs by BMG – For The Perfect Look and Fit

Press Release   •   Aug 04, 2012 13:55 BST

Body Matters Gold, the world’s finest body jewellers, are offering a world-exclusive custom diamond nose stud service.  This is your opportunity to handpick your own diamond or gemstone and have a unique nose stud made for you while you wait.

After measuring your nose a skilled goldsmith will discuss the best tail shapes with you, before creating a piece the perfect shaft length and gauge for your nose. A shop-bought nose stud will come in one size, one gauge and one shape, despite the fact that every nose is different. This is why many people have problems with nose studs hanging out of the nostril or sitting raised up off the nose. BMG have perfected the art of the custom size flat fitting nose stud, for comfortable understated elegance. A flush set stone won’t only look neater, but is more hygienic - claws which keep the gemstone in place can trap bacteria.

 While other companies claim to be able to make a flat sitting stud, they usually use bezel set gemstones, which could never be completely flat due to the nature of a bezel. BMG’s designs sit into the piercing, rather than on it. Your stud will feature a sparkling diamond or gemstone in a rub over setting of the metal of your choice. Choose from platinum, the most expensive but inert metal, 18ct yellow or 14ct white gold or palladium, platinum’s sister metal. These metals have been selected to promote a healthy piercing and prevent the skin reactions which are common with lesser quality metals. Your nose stud is then sterilised and fitted for you, or, if you do not yet have a nose piercing, you can be pierced with your creation by one of BMG’s very own qualified professionals.

BMG’s UK shop Real is based on London Road, in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. The piercing studio and jewellers offers this unique while-you-wait custom nose stud and piercing service, as well as jewellery redesigns and repairs, body jewellery and other piercing services.  No expense is spared by BMG’s experienced piercers, who have a surgical knowledge of preparation and sterilisation for the procedure. Many customers travel long distances for Real’s unrivalled expert piercing service, and their website attracts customers from as far as the USA and Australia. If you can’t make it to the Real shop, you can still order a made to measure diamond or nose stud online. Simply follow the online instructions for measuring your nose for the perfect fit.

Body Matters Gold’s world class designers and craftsmen create pieces of body jewellery which are very special. A diamond or gemstone nose stud, handmade to your exact requirements, is even more so. For more information on custom-made nose studs and to browse the whole range of body jewellery, visit

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