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Customer Service is Your Ticket to Entrepreneurship States The Tailored Group

Press Release   •   Jun 13, 2018 13:05 BST

This month The Tailored Group is urging young people not to overlook their customer service experience. The leader in event marketing services is promoting how being able to deliver an exceptional customer experience can be a one-way ticket to sustainable business success.

The Tailored Group: About the firm

The Tailored Group understand that most people would have worked in a customer service role at some point in their professional lives. However, the firm is concerned that many individuals see this experience as a stopgap and aren’t recognizing the importance of these roles as a vehicle for future success.

While positions in restaurants, retail and bars are often seen purely as a means of income, The Tailored Group is advocating how experience working one on one with customers is highly regarded in the business world and can build essential entrepreneurial skills.

‘Working in customer service first and foremost teaches you about people. It helps you read body language and empathize with people from backgrounds different to your own. You learn to adapt and embrace change as no two days are the same, and it teaches you to take ownership of situations, as a single interaction can dictate a customer’s actions. These skills are the foundations of all entrepreneurial ventures’, outlines a spokesperson from The Tailored Group.

The Tailored Group is on a mission to help young people look at their customer service experience as a valuable starting point on the path to entrepreneurship. The firm is adamant that given the right environment, young people will be able to build on this foundation and secure a sustainable and rewarding future. ‘People often dismiss customer service because they feel they outgrow it, there often isn’t the scope for advancement which makes them feel as though their time has been wasted. We want to change that,’ continues the firm’s spokesperson.

The Tailored Group has a range of opportunities for people to build on their customer service skills through running in person, pop up marketing campaigns. By combining the social aspect of the hospitality industry, with a culture built on progression and reward, the firm has created an environment where people can reach the next professional level.

‘We run optional workshops, organize business trips, networking events and competitions for one key reason; to put people in control of their futures. We want them to be inspired by where their core customer service skills can take them if they apply themselves.’ Concluded The Tailored Group.


President – James Sagar


At The Tailored Group, we’re confident that we can boost your results and save you money. We only work directly with your customers so you can be sure that you’re putting your product or service in front of your target audience every single day.