Daisycon launches Call Advertising for capturing offline affiliate sales

Press release   •   May 22, 2012 12:32 BST

ALMERE, Netherlands, 22 May 2012 – Daisycon, the leading affiliate marketing network active in the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Germany, has partnered with Swedish call advertising company Freespee to give Daisycon’s advertisers a new method of converting online visitors into customers.

As in most European countries, affiliate marketing has grown rapidly and is already estimated to bring €1.5 billion in revenue to advertisers. Call Advertising reaches new customer segments and help to sell big-ticket items such as mortgages and other finance products through affiliate networks.

Traditionally in affiliate marketing, advertisers are accustomed to only paying for confirmed sales or leads. Phone calls have been seen as unwanted for publishers, because it has never been possible to compensate them for driving the call traffic. With Freespee’s solution, each call-through from online marketing can now be attributed back to the publisher, who can be rightly compensated for both online and offline transactions.

This year the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in the Netherlands is expecting that 10% of all affiliate traffic will be generated by mobile phones. “Changing markets in technique and customer behaviour demand the adaption of new models and opportunities. Due to increased mobile usage, pay-per-call seems to have a tremendous potential that both affiliates and advertisers need to tap into”, says Marko Dobroschelski, founder and CEO at Daisycon.

Daisycon’s new partner Freespee connects advertisers and online publishers with call advertising in 15 countries and mobile application publishers globally.

“Ultimately our mission is to give options to the consumers – online marketing hasn’t taken away people’s need to get personal service and build trust in a meeting or a phone call, especially when it comes to services and big-ticket purchases”, says Carl Holmquist, founder and CEO at Freespee. “Our service captures the online visits that otherwise do not convert into sales. By connecting visitors with customer service representatives, 30–60% of the connected visitors convert into buyers. In a recent mortgage campaign, we helped a bank drive 10 times more sales."

Call advertising is expected to become the main revenue driver in mobile advertising, as Freespee statistics show that there are as many as 400% more calls from mobile ads when compared to online ads.

About Freespee:

Freespee is Europe's leading call advertising company, focused on driving performance based inbound sales calls to advertisers from online and mobile media. Freespee's partner network includes agencies, local advertising publishers, as well as affiliate and mobile networks in 15 countries. Founded in 2008 in Sweden, Freespee has already delivered over 5 million qualified calls to advertisers of all sizes.

About Daisycon:

In the area of performance based online marketing, Daisycon has played a pioneering role for over ten years; leading to having a significant position when it comes to affiliate marketing and lead generation. With more than 70.000 active websites and 1.700 ongoing campaigns daily, Daisycon is the largest Dutch affiliate network, and it has it's ambitions: Daisycon is currently offering her services in four markets: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. 

With several significant acknowledgements and awards, Daisycon is one of the most commended organisations in this technology driven industry. Smart features such as real time statistics and the advanced conversion tracking tools make Daisycon a competitive player internationally. With about 75 specialist on board, Daisycon is striving to keep pushing the boundries of performance based online marketing and keep innovating its time-tested stable and reliable network.