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Press Release   •   Feb 01, 2010 12:24 GMT

The feeling of coming out of the hairdressers with freshly coloured

hair that is full of vibrancy and shine is unbeatable. Now you can

have salon beautiful hair everyday with the Daniel Galvin Jnr Colour

Save hair care range.

Whether you are a blonde, brunette or a redhead, your hair colour can

easily become dull over time, but thanks to the Colour Save range with

natural and organic ingredients of fruit extracts, vitamins, antioxidants,

Apricot and Elderfl ower essential oils, your hair is strengthened and the

colour is maintained making it last up to 30% longer.

It is also essential to remember that coloured hair needs to be kept moisturised

and nourished and the Colour Save range will ensure your hair colour receives

the best possible nutrition in order to maintain its gloss and shine.

To keep that salon fresh colour, just follow two easy steps:

Step one:

Massage your dull and tired hair with Colour Save Luxury Shampoo that is

infused with Organic Apricot and Elderflower extracts to revive and refresh

your hair colour to its fullest.

Step two:

Add vibrancy and shine to your colour and saturate your hair with Colour

Save Luxury Conditioner. Leave in for ten minutes, allowing the vitamins and

fruit extracts to soak in and penetrate. For an extra boost apply the rich

conditioner and sit in a steam room (if you’re at the gym! Or steam a damp

hair towel in the microwave then seal and wrap around your hair as you

bathe) to intensify your colour whilst preventing fading and dull, lifeless hair.

So if your colour needs bringing back to life let the Daniel Galvin Jnr Colour

Save Range be your hair colour rescue.