Test data management - beyond efficiencies and towards growth

Press release   •   Dec 12, 2012 15:28 GMT

Organizations are seeking more than cost efficiencies from test data management, Grid-Tools Limited believes.

“We recognize that organizations need to maximize their competitive advantage and respond quickly to market and consumer expectations,” said Huw Price, Managing Director of Grid-Tools, “they want to transform their application delivery as if they can get it right, they can go beyond efficiencies and start to drive growth.”

Earlier this month, Grid-Tools, the leading vendor of test data management, test data generation and data masking software and solutions, attended the HP Discover in Frankfurt where Huw Price gave a joint presentation with Herman Willemen of HP. “As testing now accounts for up to 60 per cent of the development lifecycle of an application,  we focused on how to increase testing rigor,” said Price, “there is growing awareness that selecting the right test data engineering tools and processes is a significant issue.”

The talk, Test data engineering powered by Datamaker™, focused on how HP Software Professional Services can address issues such as how to deliver a faster and more efficient data masking process and how to underpin a ‘testing on demand’ capability.

“The feedback was very positive as these issues are very much now coming into focus. Organizations and businesses recognize that they have to provision rich sets of high quality, ‘fit for purpose’ data if they are to shorten test cycles and improve quality,” adds Price.

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Who are Grid-Tools?

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Headquartered in Oxford, UK (with offices in Chicago and India), Grid-Tools specializes in data masking, data creation and test data management tools, solutions and services. Our experienced personnel have been writing and developing solutions for large companies in both the private and public sectors for nearly 30 years.