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Death Walks Gives Big Budget Movies A Bloody Nose

Press Release   •   Jul 27, 2013 19:33 BST

The highly respected Internet Movie Database (IMDB) awards movies a ranking score upon their arrival on the database, the score is based on a number of equations carried out that monitor web activity, This ranking they call their MOVIEmeter. The exact process is not clearly explained to the public, and buried under a barrage of words that generally avoid the question directly. However since 2008, 50,000 movies per year are submitted to the database at the very minimum.

New zero budget horror tale Death Walks, shot in Greater London is causing both interest and concern for film investors. The film's publicity, like it's production costs are zero. Yet the film entered the IMDB's ranking system at 81,105 just three weeks ago, a good start for a movie with no cash, but just two weeks on it has climbed to 18,517 putting it ahead of movies currently in production with multi-million pound budgets. 

IMDB themselves say that no real value should be placed on their scoring, however it does put Death Walks as the highest ranking British horror movie in production. It also sees it as the 10th highest ranking British movie currently in production (just three places behind family favourite Paddington Bear), and 42nd place globally, putting it ahead of movies with budgets of up to £50 Million pounds. 

Death Walks is midway through filming, with production completing during August, to allow editing to begin to get the movie into the international market before the end of 2013. 

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