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Death Walks Prepares To Cross "That" Line

Press Release   •   Jul 21, 2013 18:17 BST

On 15th July filming began on Death Walks, while around twenty of the cast and crew were very much aware of what secrets the movie holds, the remaining 190 on set simply did not have a clue. 

"All these people were just stood there, having a great time, but beneath that, some of us realised just what horrors these people had let themselves in for." Said writer/director Spencer Hawken. "This is a movie that is very much community driven, but I honestly believe as a story it's probably the darkest hour in the history of zombie horror, the things we are about to do are truly horrific."

It's this very darkness that is weighing heavily on the director's shoulders. In fact it's haunting the production "Once you go down a certain path, there is no going back, what we have done so far is all rather nice, nobody has died, it's all been rather jolly." 

With this thought firmly in the directors mind he has opted to address one of the haunting aspects on the next filming. "This movie is so, so dark, you really need to get some of the worst aspects out of the way in order to move forward and have a bit of fun with the project."

The very scene the makers plan to film on 28th has already cost the movie some of it's cast who found the subject matter utterly horrifying. "Everyone is happy until you reach this spot, and then they pull back suddenly, it's the first of four twists that almost challenges what the audience will have seen up to this point." The director continued. 

The crew are preparing for the storm that will accompany what they are doing, but in the meantime their first concern is getting it filmed. "There will be tears, that much is sure, I'm honestly terrified to do this!" 

Spencer has gone on the record a number of times saying that the movie has undertones of Eden Lake about it, so whatever horror he plans on unveiling has a fairly high benchmark to reach. 

The makers of Death Walks plan to launch the film onto the festival circuit in early 2014.