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Death Walks Reveals It's Cast And Crew

Press Release   •   Jul 13, 2013 16:39 BST

It's being shot with a zero budget, but Death Walks has some strong players involved in it's production.

Director Spencer Hawken says the biggest star of the movie must ultimately be the location, Romford's Mercury Mall is the setting of the movie, and it's initially cosy size is incredibly deceptive. During the filming the malls central atrium's encased under a glass dome will feature firmly, however shops, expansive corridors, a multiplex cinema and a long forgotten nightclub will also feature strongly. 

On the cast front Lucinda Rhodes will take on the role of man-eating Louise, a role that Hawken says would be a challenge for anyone. "Lucinda was pretty much onboard from the start." says Hawken "She was very understanding of my reservations about casting someone of her stature in a zero budget movie, although Lucinda plays it down saying she regards all projects the same, but her heart right now lies in Monaco with her partner, a location she'd like to be full time in."

A late casting is Joanna Finata who will play centre manager Alice. Finata an Italian born actress has been able to get herself attached to some fairly big projects with just two years in the media limelight. Finata has just been seen briefly in Hummingbird, and is about to be seen in Rush, and Brash Young Turks. 

Scott Mullins will play Rob, Mullins recently starred in breathtaking short Aquarius Mule. Mullins expresses great passion for Death Walks, and Hawken is certain that he will be the movies second big find. 

Sexual predator victim Steve will be played by Daniel Smales, a fresh faced new talent who also is getting himself known on the film scene. 

But it's Kelsey Cain that Hawken say's is the one to watch. Cain's character Poppy is shrouded in secrecy, but for a relative unknown, Hawken states that she will be the one to watch. Her performance is naturally electrifying.

Behind the camera are Cinematographers Frazer Loveman and Marcus Uthup, two men with a very similar view of the world, a keen eye, and a passion for filmmaking. 

Also aboard is make-up effects legends Cat Forsyth, Leane Hicks, and Justin Becker, who Hawken feels will bring a revolutionary look to the zombie. 

Death Walks begins filming on Monday 15th of July and has a shooting length of just 12 hours to create roughly 78-85 minutes of footage. Death Walks says it plans to revolutionise the zombie movie bringing a sharp spin on what has gone before. 

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