Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Demonstrations in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez

Press Release   •   Nov 21, 2011 09:10 GMT

There are ongoing violent confrontations between security forces and demonstrators in Tahrir Square and the Downtown area of Cairo.

We strongly advise that British nationals stay away from Tahrir Square, including the Egyptian Museum and the Downtown area of Cairo including Maspero and the Interior Ministry. British nationals should avoid all crowds and demonstrations. The situation is changing rapidly and we recommend that you follow events on local and international news and seek advice from tour operators.

Since the British Embassy is located in Garden City, which is near Tahrir and Downtown Cairo, if you need to visit the Embassy please call beforehand to check on security. The number to call is 02 2791 6000.

On 18 – 19 November there were large demonstrations in Tahrir Square, Cairo and the surrounding downtown area. Demonstrations also occurred in Alexandria and Suez. Violent clashes occurred during and after these demonstrations in which three people were killed (one in Alexandria and two in Cairo) and over 600 were injured. 

Tahrir Square is still occupied by protestors and is not passable to traffic.  In Alexandria the streets around the Northern Military HQ are closed. British nationals should stay away from these areas, avoid crowds and demonstrations, follow events on local and international news and seek advice from their tour operators.

There have been reports of sexual assaults on women during some demonstrations in Tahrir Square. There have also been a number of arrests during demonstrations, including British and other foreign nationals. You should carry ID at all times .

Elections 28 November

The first phase of elections will take place on 28 November.  Voting for the People’s Assembly will take place in the following Governorates on this date: Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said, Fayoum, Damietta, Kafr El Sheikh, Assyut, Red Sea (including Hurghada) and Luxor.  We advise British Nationals to stay away from polling stations on these dates.

For more information, see our travel advice for Egypt.